Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a Sunday

Went to first service cause Matt was playing drum today.. =) Shared nasi lemak with Matt after church.. Half way through was kidnapped by Siqin to mamak pulak.. =.=" Kin Yan tagged along too.. We were talking about Jason & Ruth's wedding which will take place next year, then suddenly i was dragged into the topic.. about when's Matt gonna proposed.. =.=" Hmmm.. right... Xp.. More people join us at mamak later and we just fellowship there with our drinks..

Had lunch at Pappa Rich.. Well, not that great lar.. I was cheated by Ann(she was cheated by the menu.. Xp..) to order some Longan Milk thingy, which turned out to be 'bluek~'.. Xp.. After lunch went back to church to attend Dr.David G & Aunt Christina's appreciation ceremony, truely appreciate them!!

After the appreciation thing, went to Kin Yan's place to play Settlers.. Enjoyed playing that game with Kin Yan, Tris, and of course Matt.. Xp.. I almost won tho! But of course the pro Kin Yan won.. Let's have next round next time.. hehehe.. After Settlers Matt went off to futsal.. =.=" Matt the Futsal Freak.. Then I joined my bros, Ann and her friend for Wii!

5pm sharp we left Kin Yan's place to captain ball.. that's when i start my dad's car which i drove.. reversed.. 'Bom!!' Yeap.. I hit the car at the back.. i didnt know there was a car.. My bad, i didnt realised that there's a car at the back.. What a stupid mistake.. well, Kin Yan said "Mistakes are meant to be stupid.." Xp.. hehehe... Can ask me about the story if you wanna know more, but to cut it short, i'm okay.. =) So we played captain ball still..

My bros and I, plus Matt had dinner at Ann's place.. =) Domino Pizza! Then we had Mahjong and Chor Dai Ti.. Xp.. Came back home around 10pm and watch tv.. on9.. blog.. which is what i'm doing right now..

Well.. I quite like this Sunday, cause i got to spend almost the whole day with Matt! Xp..

Time to sleep... Zzzz....


Jeremy said...

dun worry... stupid mistakes are meant to be learned frm to make us clever again.. lol... at least ur ok.. ;)

Mattster said...


wen said...

Haha... yea.. hope i'l be clever.. Xp.. you back dah kan? souvenirs!!!