Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm more than happie.. I'm joyyie! (English students are supposed to be creative in using languages.. hahaha..)

I just realised i post about my uni results at all.. hahahaha...

Here goes.. This result are by far the bestest (again.. English students are supposed to be creative in using languages.. hahaha..) result i've ever get! Xp..

First semester:
Bola Jaring 1: A
Foundation English: A
Oral Communication: A-
Introduction to Language and Linguistics: B+
Pengantar Sains Sosial: B+
English for Social Sciences: A
Tamadun Islam dan Asia Tenggara: A-
Purata Nilai Gred: 3.71

Second semester:
Bola Jaring 2: A
Structures in Context: A
Written Communication: A-
Language and ICT: A
ICT for Social Sciences: B+
Ketrampilan Berbahasa dan Berkomunikasi: B+
Hubungan Etnik: A-
Purata Nilai Gred: 3.71

I'm very very thankful that i manage to mantain.. literally mantain.. =.=" 3.71!! Meaning i'm still in the dean list.. And i can get rewards a.k.a $$ from daddy! hahahaha...

This is a very joyous moment because this will motivates me in the rest of my studies.. I shall work hard to at least mantain.. =) I'm don't really expect to get better result, but at least maintain.. Don't mind literally mantain again.. hehehe..

Oh.. Thank you Lord! =)

Next, will have to register for my another 2 subjects that i couldnt register for my 2nd year 1st sem.. dont even know when's the date to register.. =.=" Really need to pray hard that God will provide good subjects for me..

Hear my prayers, dear Lord, and thank you once again.. =)


sweet_cherry said...

hope i can get into dean list tis time..
gan jiong waiting my result..

wen said...

No worries.. expect the worst, hope for the best! =)

h0cmun said...

great. that's exactly the same result. you bomoh kah.
by the way, how do you spell 'mantain' ?

wen said...

hahahaha.. not bomoh lar of course.. Erm.. Opss.. Maintain lor... =.=" Typo mar... Xp...