Monday, June 22, 2009

10 years

It's been 10 years.. That's how long we've know each other.. =) Wonderful timing for meeting up and catching up with each other's life..

One thing in common draw us closer.. We were both transfer student in 5C.. After spending our standard 5 together, she transfer to another school again, due to her father's work. We met again after our UPSR, then PMR. It seems like we met up after major exam, but not so, cause we didnt manage to meet up after SPM and STPM.

Relationship is such a weird thing, we barely know each other for a year, but we make every effort to contact each other and meet up. And every time we meet up, there's not a sense of weird-ness.. We can talk like anything and everything.. Perhaps we're filled with siao-ness.. Xp..

So, we managed to meet up, at last! Chilis, Midvalley is the place.. =) Bottomless Apple Juice and Bottomless Tostado Chips.. Xp.. Bottomless is the way man! Xp.. We talked about our lifes, our families, our studies, our bla bla bla... =) 3 hours of talking is just nice..

She's going to be 21 in less than 3 days! That's the card i gave her.. Inside full of cheesy stuff.. hehe... I've told her not to open it untill 24th June, but she seems like cant wait for it dah.. Happy be-early birthday dear girl! Xp..

Of course, photo session is a must thing! Xp.. And we did some silly stuff for one picture.. in Chilis, in front of Matt somemore.. =.=" He joined in later for his lunch.. And naturally became our cameraman.. Thanks dear.. Xp..

waiting for more and more 10 years in our friendship.. =)

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