Thursday, May 14, 2009


One achievement since my holiday started..

I clean and rearrange my stuff in cupboard.. and all my stuff brings back different memories..

1. Messy floor

After like hours and hours.. i manage to clean my stuff, and arrange them back in the cupboard.. It's not easy k! have to arrange them nicely and make sure everything get back on the cupboard... *wipe away sweat*

2. Presenting... my cupboard.. it's a cupboard right? hmmm.. whatever... i like this kind of cupboard because they have glass to close it up, which is good! Cause the glass keep dust away from my stuff.. Xp.. If you notice, there are three levels in each box or section, i would like to call it box! haha... so yea, three different levels, all thanks to Daddy! He did the level thingy from me to put in the boxes, so that i can put more stuff in it. =)

3. Top left box..
-Pink elephant at upper level, from church friends.
-Red seeds at upper level, hand-pick by myself from grandma's old house.
-Four glass bottles, some kind of fruit juice, not alcohol.
-Coke can at the lower level, if you notice, two of the cans are in arabic.
-Mickeys and Minnies parents bought from Singapore.
-Dried rose.

4. Top right box
-Coke cans again, some of them are from Taiwan! The one in the middle of a row of five is in Korean, love that design. And also another two bottles of coke at the middle level.
-Bridegroom bear that i treasure.
-Two piggies at the middle level, form1 birhtday present from friend.
-Strawberry candle from Siaw Lin.
-When Love came down on Christmas Night bottle.
-Japanese doll display from daddy's friend.

5. Middle left box
-Left photo frame at upper level bought in a charity event. (Yes Annie! it's our picture there!)
-Right photo frame at upper level, birthday present from Jing Wen.
-Cups at the middle level are birthday present from friends.
-Middle photo frame from Mei Yee, a picture of both of us on her birthday.
-Garfield erasers in the middle level.
-Purple photo frame from Tabby and Elise.
-Cute little plates and cups.

6. Middle right box
-Sailormoon and friends from daddy's friend.
-Photos when i was 2 or 3 in both photo frames in the middle level.
-Forever friend love+bear thingy, birthday present from Jing Wen.
-Blue square photo frame from You Er on my birthday, it s my 6 year old photo in it.
-Left photo frame ata the lower level is from mum's collection i think, two pictures of my bro, Ah Yuan and one super brownish photo of daddy and mummy at some waterfall.
-Small box beside the rose bud, fold by Matt. (Matt, you havent teach me how to fold!)
-Mini seashell collection in the red box at the lower level.

7. Bottom left box
-Snoopy glass at the upper corner, from Prefectorial Board.
-Bottle with paper stars in it, a birthday present from Ai Zhen.
-Polly Pockets from daddy when i'm like 7 or 8 i think.. Upper level from left to right: Pizza restaurant, Church and Bridal Store.. Middle level from left to right: School, Country House and Villa. There are like super cute and nice.. Maybe will blog bout them next round.. Xp..
-Black box filled with tiny peoples from the polly pockets!
-Beads stuff from my aunty, she's really good in handmade stuff..

8. Bottom right box
-bead stuff from my aunty again.. told you she's good!
-Mickey & Minnie and Hello Kitty & Daniel at the upper level.
-Rabbits, dogs and Doraemons at the middle level.
-Dogs, Pikachus, tortoises, dolphin and giraffes at the lower level.

Oh! Stuff above are only for sharing and display purposes... See anything interesting that you wanna know more? Ask me.. =)

In the midst of cleaning and arranging.. My little brother did this.. hahaha... guns..

From terrorist holding guns.. to cute little brother holding giraffes.. Xp..

Next round will blog bout the polly pockets.. stay tuned for an extraordinary palace! =)


J e n n Y said...

polly pockets?
hey i am a fan of that too =)
but sadly my mum gave it away already because i have too many toys..way too many..

wen said...

Aiya... should have keep and throw away others.. Xp.. then we can have polly pockets party... hehehe...

J e n n Y said...

my toys all were given away..even the barbie dolls =(
only left soft toys at home..

Charmainne said...

ur didi so cute..
cnt stop falling in luv wif him since yest..haha

wen said...

Aww... i think my soft toy all throw.. barbie gave away.. left polly pockets.. hahaha...

He CAN be naughty at times.. haha..

Lisa ^^, said...

Your bro is CUTE!! haha
And wow, your aunty IS good in all those beaded stuff. Can sell and make money ba! XD

wen said...

Hehe.. yea.. he is cute and naughty.. Xp..

Oh, yup.. she did a lot of those.. not sure if she sells them tho.. =)

T.E.J. Davin said...

My gosh...banyaknya baranggggggggg

wen said...

HAHA!! Xp...