Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday Highlights...

Highlight number 1:
I bought it! For RM54.90.. Including 1 CD and 1 DVD.. =)

Lee Hom---Heart Beat

Highlight number 2:
It's the time agian.. to decide where to eat.. We started with Pizza, cause Matt said he got craving for Pizza.. (is he pregnant?! o.O) I told him i have the voucher thing, left in my college in UKM.. =.=" is what he showed me.. Second choice, Teepanyaki.. Went there.. So many people... =s Too bad, i have to bid farewell to dear Teepanyaki.. Third choice, we went Kim Gary.. We waited for like 1 minute then decided to cabut.. Cause..

Evon: "I wonder if there's any korean restaurant here.. Got right?"

Matt: "Oh yea yea! (So excited pulak! =.=") It's at the cinema there!"

So we ended up at Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant.. =)

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant..


Matt's steam rice thingy..

Evon's cold noodle.. i prefer the previous cold noodle i had at Ampang..

Seafood Pancake.. It's YUMMY!!

Highlight number 3:
Went out with Sue Ann.. KLCC-Pavilion-Time Square.. 3 places in a evening.. o.O huh?

KLCC for Modern Baroque book at Kinokuniya..

Pavilion for U hu! hu! Cheesecake at The Loaf..

Time Square for doughnuts at Krispy Kreme..

U hu! hu! Cheesecake at The Loaf, Pavilion

Banana something and Chocolate something.. Both are YUMMY!

What would you like to order for dinner Krispy Kreme?

Doughnuts.. This reminds me of Donut itu bulat!! =.="

Sue Ann & Krispy Kremesss...

Ann busy mixing up the assorted and original.. we bought double dozen for RM30plus..


That's why I Love Saturdayss.....


Lisa ^^, said...

Waaaaaa. Soooo nice!!
Yer. I think I don't wanna read anymore blogs la. All full of awesome food and gai-gai-ing only....>.<
Saaaaad. :(

wen said...

I'm finishing exam at 8th May..
I think this would make you feel better?

Charmainne said...

omg,ur weekend reli enjoyable..fel envy jor lohh..=P

Mattster said...

Me love saturdays too!! :D

Charmainne said...

sure lohh..can hav lunch wif evon mahh..=P