Friday, May 15, 2009

The Palace

As promised.. or stated in my previous blog.. More posting on polly pockets... But before that, presenting the extraordinary palace.. =)

This is the story of Cinderella... If you havent heard of it.. Oh man.. that's a little awful but no worries.. i'm gonna tell it using photos and gonna make it short and sweet~

Long long time ago, in a far away land, lived a girl, called Cinderella.. (Well this is the typical opening for fairy tales!) Cinderella's mummy passed away when she's only a child, and left her with her daddy.Years later, the daddy remarried with a widow with two daughter, Anastasia and Drizella. The stepmummy and stepsisters were so evil, that they make literally make Cinderella their maid, commanding her to do all the housechores while daddy's away for business trips.

If the story begins with long long time ago.. Oh come on.. there must be some romance, palace and prince.. So here goes.. There's a prince, called Prince Charming (weird name) who lived in the palace. Prince Charming's daddy, the King held a ball for his son, in order for him to find girls and get married. Prince Charming got no choice but to please his daddy.

Every girls in the town was so excited, including Anastasia, Drizella and of course, Cinderella. But the evil stepsisters won't let Cinderella get to the ball, so together with their mother, they give Cinderella extra chores. However, Cinderella manage to get the chores done and also a dress made by her animal friends. She go to the ball happily then? Not so soon.. The stepsister tore her dress and stop her from going. Cinderella wept and wept and suddenly the fairy godmother appears, granting her wishes..

Granting what wishes? Turning her dirty clothes into a beautiful dress, turning the mice into horses, turning pumpkins into carriage. All this took place because of a wave from fairy godmother's magic wand, but... With only one condition.. All this are magic and they cant last forever.. when the clock strikes twelve, all will be turned back into what is original. Cinderella promised that she'll remember and thanked the fairy godmother before she leaves.

Cinderella step down from the carriage and walked in to the palace. All eyes were ataring at her, wondering who is she and how beauitful she was. She caught Prince Charming attention of course, and here comes the romance part.

He held her hand and bring her to the centre of the ballroom. They dance and felt in love. (typical love story). Cinderella stepmummy's and sisters are there too, they thought that she was so familiar but couldn't remember who she was..

"Dong dong dong..." and the clock strikes twelve, before she could even tell Prince Charming her name. She quickly ran all the way down through the stairs, and drop her glass slippars. No time to lose, she didn't pick it up, instead continue running to the carriage, get back home and poof.. all things are back to their originals.

Prince Charming was so sad. He figured out a way to find back Cinderella, that whoever who fits the glass slippar will be his wife. The stepmummy figured that Cinderella was the girl who dance with Prince Charming on the other night, and so being evil, she locked Cinderella up, keeping her away to try the glass slippar. Thanks a lot to Cinderella's animal friend, she managed to try the glass slippar and it fits! (duh!)

And Cinderella was brought in to the palace, got married with Prince Charming.. And.. they lived happily ever after! (typical ending..)



Jyannie said...

oooh... i like the glass/plastic carriage!! haha

Lisa ^^, said...

Wow. I remember I used to play Poly Pocket too! But mine was like a foldable case and when you opened it up there was like tiny houses and roads and rivers and tiny little horses and sheep! So cute. But I've never seen a themed one like yours before! Even more canggih le. ahaha XD

Tissuegirl said...

is this your polly pocket? kaka. so cute!

Charmainne said...

walao,geng..u purposely do it for ur blog..omg!!

wen said...

Glass.. hahaha.. not so canggih till use glass.. hehehe... Xp..

oh! my cousin sisters had those foldable case! if i'm not mistaken, theirs was Beauty and the Beast! Xp..

Yea.. this is the biggest and most expensive among all.. Xp..

Yea lar.. too free mar.. Xp..

Annie Choong said...

yo~~~ i want it! next sem bring to our room ya!

wen said...

HAHA! good idea... hahaha.. then we can do a video thingy again.. like the Sponge Bob Square Pants.. Xp.. i LOVE that... hahahaha...