Friday, May 22, 2009

Korea, Closer Than You Imagine

Yesterday i attended a Korea event in Renaissance Hotel KL, along with some of my coursemates and the korean buddies.. Some photos taken.. =)

"Boys over Flower"!!!

Korean girl who sang both Korea national anthem and Negaraku

Korean girl who help write my name in Korean

Evon in Korean

Kumutha, Evon, Korean girl and Zara

Korean aunties who played Samul Nori, it's some kind of Korean percussion

Korean drink, cinnamon plus sugar

Korean girls and Zara

Evon and Zara with the balloon-made korean girl

Korean street-dancing, and yes, one of the guy is half naked

Kumutha and NTV7 game show host, Owen Yap! handsome right?

Evon & Kwang Hwa Mun, some hostorical bulding in Korea

Samul Nori performance

Kumutha, Evon and Teh with the main actors in "Boys Over Flower"

Korean aunt and Evon

Left to right: Ian, Gavriel, Kkelly, Amy, Evon, Karl, Rosa & Kumutha

After the event in Renaissance, I say tata to my coursemate and korean buddies then wanted to walk to Dang Wangi station, but it was raining.. So i waited for like 10 minutes? Then the rain is not that heavy so i walked under the rain. Like so romantic and fun? Neh... I was wearing high heels and it's SO not fun. Fine.. Then i took LRT to KLCC, waited at the station and thinking whether to wait for Matt finish his class at MPO then follow him back or go back by myself.. After few minutes of thinking.. i dediced to wait for Matt.. While waiting, i went Cold Storage and get myself a drink that i don't really like, Iced Lemon Tea.. Wait and wait.. Phone rang at last, it was Matt! *thank God!* Then i followed him back.. well as in follow his car then he send me back to my home lar of course.. =.="

Oh, notice the bird on the street lights? Matt thought they were statues.. =.="

Thank you for sedning me back Matt, it was worth it.. =)


Lisa ^^, said...

Oh, man. It would be so chun if they allowed you guys to try on their Korean traditional baju kan???? XD

Mattster said...

hmm... i tot someone said "So not worth it"? hehe.. =p

welcome :)

sweet_cherry said...
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wen said...

Oh! They did! But it was like SO many of them waiting.. I gave up at last.. =.="


pris said...

looks like u had fun =)

wen said...

Haha.. So so lar...

Nadia said...

I go to that event too...
but i miss the b-boy sad:(
kind a interesting event..rite?
hope they organize more event like this..hehe