Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 Down

I'm Officially done with 1st year, am I?

Well i think i am, since i don't have any more lectures to attend, don't have any more assignments to do, don't have any more exams!

I doubted, because i don't have my results yet..

Talking about results, i don't think it's going to turned out well..

I don't think i did my best in this semester.. I was busy with some other stuff.. No, i'm not blaming any of the stuff that make me busy, after all, i choose them.. and I'm glad with them..

Any holiday plans? since i have like bout 2 months of it? Not really.. i gona spend my holiday being grounded and babysits my bros..

Oh well.. Happy holidays! =)


Vivien said...

Enjoy your holiday..

wen said...

Hey.. thanks! =)