Monday, May 25, 2009

More stuff..

Photos below are some of my stuff or collection or favourites.. =)

Erm... Nope.. this is not a super be-early merry christmas post.. =) This is a very creative and nicely handmade card by Alicia.. It was the christmas on year 2007, she gave it to me before I leave to Taiwan.. One of the nicest christmas card i ever received! =)

These are cards from the S.T.E.A.D, meaning SueAnn, Tabby, Elise, Alicia and Deborah.. from left to right: 2003, 2004, 2005.. =)

This is why she's my clone.. Cause she's so free that she can crap for me.. Xp.. A letter from Sue Ann that suppose to accompany on my flight to Taiwan.. The letter is so entertaining that i'l laugh everytime i look at it, Ann! Xp..

After 20years of being part of the family.. this are the only birthday card i got from my bros and parents! They sent it over to Taiwan for me.. =)

Well, this is just to show you guys the writing.. yea, i mean guys.. Xp.. This is from my head prefect, Ah Boon.. Yup, he's a guy and he have a nice hand writing.. for a guy, this is nice and neat! In fact, it's nicer than mine.. =.=" Whatever.. mine is nicer compare with Matt's.. Xp..

Seashells! She sells seashell on the seashore and bla bla bla... Xp.. Can'r remember where i pick them from.. But they're cute right? so tiny and nice.. =)

Keychains.. this is only like 30% of them.. Just to mention some.. The 'Yi Wen' is from ah leong, and ah leong is a she by the way.. Xp.. The 'evon' is from YA!, Ann and i went hunting for it, and we got extra rose on our keychains.. hahahaha... 'Handbags' are from Elise, and the one above plus the black one are from mummy, she bought it from Taiwan.. 'High heels' are from Qiqi, the little girl from Taiwan.. 'Flower' is from Meiyee..

Look! it's my 5 year old National Library Card, 5 year old name tag and my 6 year old name tag.. I bet not many people keep their name tags in kindergarden right! hahahaha... And i can still remember the kindergarden song! "We are in St.Ronan~" Oh, pre-school memories... Xp.. Let me see.. got chicken pox, got stung by bee, stepped on thumb tag.. Ouch~

Know what's this? it's like sticker but it's like earrings.. Well you can stick them on your cuping telinga (can't think of the english word for it!!!) Kids.. hahaha.. Don't think kids nowadays do this.. Do they? hmmm...

Bookmarks.. I love them.. and i have a lot... Some are from friends, some i bought them.. Some are inheritance from mummy okay! No joke!

Stickers! I love them too! Hahaha... Some stickers are just so cute and nice! I know JJ have some of them but they are all too expensive!! i shall buy them when i have enough money to spend.. =( In this photo are mostly Hello Kitty and Sailormoon.. Talking about Sailormoon.. Xp..

Sailormoon cards.. You know the machine thingy that you put in 50cents or 1ringgit? then you turn the thingy and card drops out? Hahaha.. They are all from the machine.. Some are just cards, some are stickers like the 2nd photo.. Xp..

I don't know why.. but i was really into Sailormoon during my primary school years.. My parents bought me all 18 sailormoon comics.. Hahahaha! the only thing is they're in Bahasa Malaysia.. I guess it was a way of my parent exposing me to BM.. And they succeed, but now.. a bit karat dah.. hahahaha..

It's coming to the end of the post.. Well it is the end dah.. I shall end this by saying...

"It's raining! right now!! Like now!! Xp..."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Polly Pockets!


The inside of the bridal store..
The upper level is where the bride-to-be will get to choose her wedding gown and heels. If you notice, there's 3 white colour thingy there, that's the wedding gown, of course, it's just the skirt part.. Then there's heels on the floor at the green shirt girl there..

This is the right side of the lower level.. They have the flower or rather bushes of decoration thingy and also the cashier at the back there..

And this is the left side of the lower level.. Here they have the wedding cake, it's a typical three storey cake.. And the back there if the sewing machine..


The inside of the church..
As you can see, the right side is the main hall where the wedding take place. Ya.. something missing? In fact, it's someone missing.. The groom.. Well, young little miss clumsy just don't know where it is.. Let's grief for the missing groom for one second.. *one second* OK! Notice there's a pipe organ there? =)

This is the side of the church, where they have the waiting room upstairs with mirrors.. Downstairs is.. a party room? I am not too sure bout it.. Xp..

The upper level, Food!! Xp.. Wedding cakes, presents and toilets? haha.. Oh ya, can you find a bible in this picture? =)


The inside of the country house..
Downstairs is the hall, kitchen and also a toilet.. Oh! they have a coconut tree (i assume) and a pond.. i'm not sure if they have fishes in it..

Upstairs we have the TV room, with Hi-fi man.. no play play.. Xp.. You see the mirror there? that's the wardrobe, and they seriously have clothes in the wardrobe..

Secret level of the country house? Haha.. this is the bedroom with it's own private bathroom.. Oh how i wish to have that! Bath tub man!


The inside of the Pizza restaurant..
They have tables for customer (duh!!).. Take a closer look at the tables, they do have the glass and pizza there okay..

The chef preparing pizza.. and you can see there's some pizza ready to be served at the back..

This is the upper level of the restaurant.. They have toilet but it's without door.. =.="


The inside of the school..
Mini basketball court and slides outside the school.. Look at the left side of the school.. Downstairs is where cyclist can put their bikes, and upatairs they have a piano with the score stand..

Classroom view.. Teacher teaching 1+2=3.. Right outside the classroom, there's locker.. how nice! This just means you dont need to always bring heavy book all around..

The upper level is the cafeteria and also the gym room.. you eat and exercise.. how healthy..


The inside of the Villa..
There's a little fountain outside with a swan.. They have the sort of grandfather clock too.. then there's also the kitchen, dining hall and couch.. No TV though..

Upstairs is the bedroom, with a teddy on the bear..

And this the the bathroom.. quite cool huh?

That's all about my polly pockets.. Fuh! 6 in 1 man... Man... now what's next for blog... =.=" holiday is killing me cause i'm not using it nicely...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Korea, Closer Than You Imagine

Yesterday i attended a Korea event in Renaissance Hotel KL, along with some of my coursemates and the korean buddies.. Some photos taken.. =)

"Boys over Flower"!!!

Korean girl who sang both Korea national anthem and Negaraku

Korean girl who help write my name in Korean

Evon in Korean

Kumutha, Evon, Korean girl and Zara

Korean aunties who played Samul Nori, it's some kind of Korean percussion

Korean drink, cinnamon plus sugar

Korean girls and Zara

Evon and Zara with the balloon-made korean girl

Korean street-dancing, and yes, one of the guy is half naked

Kumutha and NTV7 game show host, Owen Yap! handsome right?

Evon & Kwang Hwa Mun, some hostorical bulding in Korea

Samul Nori performance

Kumutha, Evon and Teh with the main actors in "Boys Over Flower"

Korean aunt and Evon

Left to right: Ian, Gavriel, Kkelly, Amy, Evon, Karl, Rosa & Kumutha

After the event in Renaissance, I say tata to my coursemate and korean buddies then wanted to walk to Dang Wangi station, but it was raining.. So i waited for like 10 minutes? Then the rain is not that heavy so i walked under the rain. Like so romantic and fun? Neh... I was wearing high heels and it's SO not fun. Fine.. Then i took LRT to KLCC, waited at the station and thinking whether to wait for Matt finish his class at MPO then follow him back or go back by myself.. After few minutes of thinking.. i dediced to wait for Matt.. While waiting, i went Cold Storage and get myself a drink that i don't really like, Iced Lemon Tea.. Wait and wait.. Phone rang at last, it was Matt! *thank God!* Then i followed him back.. well as in follow his car then he send me back to my home lar of course.. =.="

Oh, notice the bird on the street lights? Matt thought they were statues.. =.="

Thank you for sedning me back Matt, it was worth it.. =)