Monday, April 06, 2009


Last year this time I prayed a simple prayer for your 21st.. Well this year, I'm gonna do the same.. It's not too bad to use the same idea as long as the idea is a good one right? Xp..

Dear Matt,

I thank God for your presence in my life..

and for your love to me..

every second of my life..

I pray that in all the things that you do..

you will seek His will and let Him be your guide..

and that the two of us will continue to grow in love..

Last but not least..

Happy 22nd birthday dear! =)

Lots and lots of love from deep down,


Mattster said...

thanks :) :-*

wen said...

Welcome! =*

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwww. So sweet!!

wen said...

hehehehe.. Xp..

Annie Choong said...

aiyoyo...~~~so sweetnya evon tiew...~~~ matt, u shud be glad to see the sweetest evon...cuz she's not so sweet but as spicy as a cili padi in campus...XPXP!

Mattster said...

hahahahaha... i pity you annie.. xP kekeke..

no la.. i`ve seen the not so sweet side before also.. keke.. maybe that`s y i love her.. =p haha..

wen said...

Cili padi huh? Thata's a way to protect myself from being bully mar.. Tho it does not work sometimes.. Xp.. And for once Matt didnt stand at your side and bully me!! Xp...

Thanks.. Xp..