Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pet of the Day

Introducing B2-008's pet of the day!

What? What you looking at?

Never see something like me before?

I'm a beautiful butterfly lar duh!

And guess what? I'm in love with Annie.. shhh...

but she... =(

Annie found this butterfly at her study light.. She tried to shoo it away..

Fail! It's not easy to shoo a butterfly..

She saw my empty container.. She tried to capture it..

Success! My container! o.O

I tried to take picture of it with it's wing open widely..

Fail! Com'on, just a picture! don't be shy..

We decided to let it go and be free! We open our window, open the container..

Fail! It flew back in..

We tried again, this time we close the window very fast!

Fail! It flew back in through the windows above..

We tried to find the butterfly..

Fail! It was like looking for a needle in the deepest ocean..

I managed to find it moments later..

Success! But it gave me scare..

Annie tried capture it..

Success! She's good in that!

I tried to snap photos of its wings open...

Success! it just stay still and spread its wings..

The butterfly wanna go free?

Fail! We decided not to do so because it's gonna come back to us again..

Nah~ we're not that cruel.. I'm gonna suggest Annie that we'll free it like far away from our room, so it'll probably give up looking for us agian.. hahaha...

Should i change the title to "Pet of the Night"? Since it's now night, not day?



yAnKuchIki said...

yan : funny

teh: what a 'proactive' day ^.^v

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwww. Such a pwetty pwetty butterfly. That species is pretty common. I caught a couple for my Bio project in F6. We had to catch and preserve them :(
They're so simple, but pretty!! :)

wen said...

>>Yan & Teh
Haha... memang pun.. Xp..

Yup.. Beautiful things are simple.. =)

LeEnA de CostA^^ said...

zara: haha..funny la u.
man~u are bad at writting story yet u are a clown. haha..