Friday, April 03, 2009

Mamak session

Mamak session with PERKEB-ians.. It's nice.. Just to chat, hang out, get updates, or even crap with one another day..

And today.. Our conversation was about relationship, marriage.. Who contribute in this conversation?
-Hoc Mun - Our very own beloved President PERKEB
-Yian Yan - Successful MMK'09 Pengarah
-Shireen - Our Naib President PERKEB
-Terence - Annual Dinner PERKEB King
-Charis - President PERKEB's girlfriend a.k.a Setiausaha PERKEB
-Edmund - Smart guy who stand at the girls's side
-and others who secara langsung dan tidak langsung involved in this conversation..

What is it relationship and marriage that we talk about?
-plan a wedding, from A-Z? Xp..
-wedding gown, umbrella gown or no-umbrella gown..
-wedding dinner, non-five-star mamak food..
-girls talk a lot? more elaborate?

Maybe because the ADP theme was "Be Fruitful & Multiply", therefore we were stuck with this kind of topic.. hahaha.. but it was fun..

On our way back from Mamak back to UKM... Yian Yan's car punctured.. O.o.. Not to worry.. We have our very own strong man, Mr.Koay!! Then Charis also stopped by and help, not she help, but Danny and Jimmy lar.. From man.. become men...

1. Danny and tool.. Plus Jimmy at the back.. Macam nak cari gaduh jer Danny..

2. Danny.. finally he was reminded that he's a man and he can fix the spare tyre in!
3. Putting the flat tyre at the boot..

4. "Eh.. No camera.. No camera.." said Mr.Koay..
Thank God for guys.. on behalf of YianYan the driver, Swe Jyan, Pris, and Evon the passenger..

Thank God!! =)

Time to sleep... Persekutuan Doa in another 6hours time! =)


yian said...

wah suddenly my car become watak utama in ur blog n pris punya post :P
aku sudah shyshy.. hehe
anyway i found out my tyre kena screw. dets y it went flat.
the workshop guy helped me tampal it back d. hehe :)

wen said...

Haha... not bad what to be watak utama.. Screw?! wah... okay..
tampal back the lubang ka?

Lisa ^^, said...

Walao. That happened to my dad's car. In church too! One minute okay, after church come out, flat dy! aahhaa
My bro tried fitting the new spare tyre in, but he wasn't heavy enough to push the thingy all the way down. haha
Not easy weiiiii

Thank God for gentlemen!! :P

wen said...

Ya man.. imagine danny juga kena jump on it to make the nat loose.. =.="

Thank God for STRONG gentlemen.. Xp..

mann said...

wah...i am some person invloved secara tidak langsung...dun have cham...evon forogt me T.T