Sunday, April 05, 2009

Korean Buddy System-Week1

Korean Buddy System.. We have about 9 Korean in UKM doing some English course. So we have this buddy system where a few of us are their buddies and we suppose to help them get familiar with UKM n Malaysia..

Touch down day
1. Khai, Izyan, Teh and Lan on escalator..

2. Lan, Khai, Davin, Mr.Raoul, Dr. Tengku.. waiting for the korean students..

Orientation Day
3. PPBL technician..

4. Ian, Karl and Khai

5. Gabriel and Izyan

6. Kumutha and Jake

7. Teh and Rosa

8. Kelly and Hani

9. Zara and Amy

10. Davin, asked to say out all the names of Korean, and Pn Azizah
Kajang Day
11. Waiting for the not-so-rapid Rapid KL to go Kajang.. Only one picture taken cause I had Annual Dinner Perkeb that night..

Motorcycle Night
12. The guys take turn and ride on Khai, Lan, and Davin's bike..

13. Only the cute little Ian looking in this picture.. He is cute! Like small boy!! Xp..

UKM Tour
14. On the double deck bus, and we're on the upper level of course!

15. Evon and Kelly.. she's the same age as me!

Out of UKM, Into KoreaTown, Ampang
16. On Chan Sow Lin Starline station.. We got on the wrong train and got back here again..

17. In the tren

18. On the road, discussing where to eat! Where is Khai looking at?

19. Matt joined us for lunch too.. and our lunch is Korean food!!

20. Cold noodle.. clockwise from the green colour thing ok? Cucumber, pear(ya they have pear in noodle soup!!), egg, sengkuang, noodle..

21. Guess what! it's relly cold.. they have ice in it too!! O.o

The Koreans are friendly people, nice to have them.. Communication wise, it's funny and we try to understand each other, not that bad tho..

And.. I'm falling in love with Korean food.. Xp..

Now.. I'm falling asleep.... Zzz..


Lisa ^^, said...

It seems like a pretty cool program. You have a chance to get to know people from other countries. Cool apa!! ahahha XD

wen said...

Yea.. That's a good thing when you're in a language school..
Cool apa? eh??