Friday, April 10, 2009

Korean Buddies - Week 2

Just a brief update on the Koren buddies..

I guess they are settling quite well, or perhaps getting used to Malaysia.. This week, they had their supposingly-Malay-dance class.. Teh and Yan and also myself bring them to Panggung Seni, where they supposed to have their supposingly-Malay-dance class.. After showing them the place, we walked back to our Etnik Classs.

Below are some of the photos i taken while we were waiting for bus.

1. Yong and Rosa

2. Ian and Jake

3. Karl, Gavrielle and Kelly

4. Cady, Gavrielle and Kelly

5. Amy

Our Etnik class only lasted for half and hour.. It's a waste of time basically.. Anyway, since it ended early, i thought of visiting the koreans for their dance class. I asked Yit Chin if she wanna come along, and she did. Yit Chin is Melia and Alice's next door neighbour. She's currently taking Korean language as Pilihan Bebas, if i'm not mistaken, she's in the 2nd level of Korean language now. She was very excited and interested to know the Koreans so i introduce her to them. It was a sort of golden learning opportunity for Yit Chin because she get to practice her Korean language with the native speaker. So back to the topic.. Xp.. Both of us went and was quite surprised by their supposingly-Malay-dance..

6. Now you see the point i said.. This is the supposingly-Malay-dance.. under the big hot Sun..

7. They were hot and thristy and tired....

8. Gavrielle, Yit Chin and Amy

9. Evon, Kelly, Gavrielle and Yit Chin

10. Kelly, Gavrielle and Yit Chin

Next week is their 3rd week, which is also my study week.. Will try and update about them too despite my studies.. Xp..


T.E.J. Davin said...

What the....
Weren't they supposed to be in the studio???

wen said...

Ya man! We send them to the studio.. Mana tau i saw them under the hot sun after our etnik class.. =.="

And they dont seem to like it.. Some even said dont want to go for the class again if it is going to be like that for the rest of their term!! o.O