Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday celebration still..

Matt decided to have a nice meal to celebrate his birthday with me.. Well that's not the important part.. The important part was he paid for it! Xp... All hail Matt Khoo!! Xp..

we always have the same old conversation every weekend..

"So... where shall we eat?"

"You decide lar..."

Matt: Okay.. You want Paddington bear.. Eh eh.. Paddington's pancake, Pizza hut or Nando's?

Matt: Or you want Manhattan?

After looking at the menu and crowd in Paddington.. We decided to go for Manhattan Fish Market.. Just when we wanted to head to Manhattan...

"Itallianies- So Good, So Much, So Share!"

...appeared in my eyes.. Well, they have such a big ad there, who will miss?!

So, Itallianies..

Bread, Olive oil and vinegar..

Caesar Salad

High class Pan Mee with beef, mushroom, and LOTS of cheese..



So.. What are we having next week? Xp..


Mattster said...

let`s go desa have cap fan!! xD

or go taman melawati find for malay food.. =p

Lisa ^^, said...


Food looks yummy!!!
I'm hungryyyy
*stomach growls*

*cq* said...

whoa... high class pan mee indeed~ =)

wen said...

Desa hard to find parking lar... Can we go Thurkah? Xp.. It's been a long time since we visit our tosei telur.. Xp..

It is YUMMY!! I'l bring you if you're paying the bill.. Xp.. It cost us RM64 tau.. o.O

Yea lor.. so high class and so cheesy.. yet yummy.. Xp..

Tissuegirl said...

evon...that restaurant right..jason and i ate the same sald..then jason gotfood poisoning cause too healthy already. :P

wen said...

Really? o.O we find it quite good cause it balanced up the unhealthy side of the cheesy noodle... Xp..