Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is just a random post... So random that i don't know what to put the title as.. Therefore i put there 'Random'.. Can you feel the random-ness??? hahaha...

My roomie's study table..

LeeHom in the house! hahahahahahahaha....

Since i show my roomie's table, i'll put mine as well.. so random!! =.="

Msn window.. Big font? not really... It's just nice for my eyes.. cause i forgot to bring back my specs!! Life without specs is... sigh...

Annie gave me 2 Euro chocolate.. Chocolate cheers me up! when i was studying Etnik.. =.="

Annie bought this for RM0.30!! used to love it when i was a kid.. but now it tasted so bluek!!

And i bought this! Nini! I know a friend by the name Nini also.. hahaha..

Introducing the free monkey show in Kolej Pendeta Za'ba UKM.. Mind u.. this is only half of their family..

And they really make themselves at home.. =.=" That girl there is Yoke Luan by the way.. Xp..

Crazy citizens who feeds the monkeys.. What's wrong with them?!

Ice cream cheer me up too! Xp..

My very-last-minute-assignment given by lecture on the very last minute.. But i somehow enjoyed doing it.. Am i crazy??

The room is still filled with Lee Hom's songs.. It's already the 2nd week..

Quote my dear.. 'Oh my skiessssssss~~'


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pet of the Day

Introducing B2-008's pet of the day!

What? What you looking at?

Never see something like me before?

I'm a beautiful butterfly lar duh!

And guess what? I'm in love with Annie.. shhh...

but she... =(

Annie found this butterfly at her study light.. She tried to shoo it away..

Fail! It's not easy to shoo a butterfly..

She saw my empty container.. She tried to capture it..

Success! My container! o.O

I tried to take picture of it with it's wing open widely..

Fail! Com'on, just a picture! don't be shy..

We decided to let it go and be free! We open our window, open the container..

Fail! It flew back in..

We tried again, this time we close the window very fast!

Fail! It flew back in through the windows above..

We tried to find the butterfly..

Fail! It was like looking for a needle in the deepest ocean..

I managed to find it moments later..

Success! But it gave me scare..

Annie tried capture it..

Success! She's good in that!

I tried to snap photos of its wings open...

Success! it just stay still and spread its wings..

The butterfly wanna go free?

Fail! We decided not to do so because it's gonna come back to us again..

Nah~ we're not that cruel.. I'm gonna suggest Annie that we'll free it like far away from our room, so it'll probably give up looking for us agian.. hahaha...

Should i change the title to "Pet of the Night"? Since it's now night, not day?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Song Album

Previously into this..

Then into this..

Now.. THIS!!!

I would say these three albums are all 'listenable' or should i say 'worth-listenable'..

I've already got Colbie Caillat's Coco from my dear roomie, softcopy..

I've already got Taylor Swift's Fearless from, softcopy..

I've already got LeeHom's Heart Beat from various sources, softcopy..

And soon.. very soon!! I gonna get LeeHom's worth-buying Heart Beat album!! hahahaha...

It's been 3 days and nights.. LeeHom's video and song in our(Annie & I) room!!

Goodness Gracious... @.@


I'm in exam week!!

*GASP!! O.o*

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday celebration still..

Matt decided to have a nice meal to celebrate his birthday with me.. Well that's not the important part.. The important part was he paid for it! Xp... All hail Matt Khoo!! Xp..

we always have the same old conversation every weekend..

"So... where shall we eat?"

"You decide lar..."

Matt: Okay.. You want Paddington bear.. Eh eh.. Paddington's pancake, Pizza hut or Nando's?

Matt: Or you want Manhattan?

After looking at the menu and crowd in Paddington.. We decided to go for Manhattan Fish Market.. Just when we wanted to head to Manhattan...

"Itallianies- So Good, So Much, So Share!"

...appeared in my eyes.. Well, they have such a big ad there, who will miss?!

So, Itallianies..

Bread, Olive oil and vinegar..

Caesar Salad

High class Pan Mee with beef, mushroom, and LOTS of cheese..



So.. What are we having next week? Xp..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Korean Buddies - Week 2

Just a brief update on the Koren buddies..

I guess they are settling quite well, or perhaps getting used to Malaysia.. This week, they had their supposingly-Malay-dance class.. Teh and Yan and also myself bring them to Panggung Seni, where they supposed to have their supposingly-Malay-dance class.. After showing them the place, we walked back to our Etnik Classs.

Below are some of the photos i taken while we were waiting for bus.

1. Yong and Rosa

2. Ian and Jake

3. Karl, Gavrielle and Kelly

4. Cady, Gavrielle and Kelly

5. Amy

Our Etnik class only lasted for half and hour.. It's a waste of time basically.. Anyway, since it ended early, i thought of visiting the koreans for their dance class. I asked Yit Chin if she wanna come along, and she did. Yit Chin is Melia and Alice's next door neighbour. She's currently taking Korean language as Pilihan Bebas, if i'm not mistaken, she's in the 2nd level of Korean language now. She was very excited and interested to know the Koreans so i introduce her to them. It was a sort of golden learning opportunity for Yit Chin because she get to practice her Korean language with the native speaker. So back to the topic.. Xp.. Both of us went and was quite surprised by their supposingly-Malay-dance..

6. Now you see the point i said.. This is the supposingly-Malay-dance.. under the big hot Sun..

7. They were hot and thristy and tired....

8. Gavrielle, Yit Chin and Amy

9. Evon, Kelly, Gavrielle and Yit Chin

10. Kelly, Gavrielle and Yit Chin

Next week is their 3rd week, which is also my study week.. Will try and update about them too despite my studies.. Xp..

Monday, April 06, 2009


Last year this time I prayed a simple prayer for your 21st.. Well this year, I'm gonna do the same.. It's not too bad to use the same idea as long as the idea is a good one right? Xp..

Dear Matt,

I thank God for your presence in my life..

and for your love to me..

every second of my life..

I pray that in all the things that you do..

you will seek His will and let Him be your guide..

and that the two of us will continue to grow in love..

Last but not least..

Happy 22nd birthday dear! =)

Lots and lots of love from deep down,

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Korean Buddy System-Week1

Korean Buddy System.. We have about 9 Korean in UKM doing some English course. So we have this buddy system where a few of us are their buddies and we suppose to help them get familiar with UKM n Malaysia..

Touch down day
1. Khai, Izyan, Teh and Lan on escalator..

2. Lan, Khai, Davin, Mr.Raoul, Dr. Tengku.. waiting for the korean students..

Orientation Day
3. PPBL technician..

4. Ian, Karl and Khai

5. Gabriel and Izyan

6. Kumutha and Jake

7. Teh and Rosa

8. Kelly and Hani

9. Zara and Amy

10. Davin, asked to say out all the names of Korean, and Pn Azizah
Kajang Day
11. Waiting for the not-so-rapid Rapid KL to go Kajang.. Only one picture taken cause I had Annual Dinner Perkeb that night..

Motorcycle Night
12. The guys take turn and ride on Khai, Lan, and Davin's bike..

13. Only the cute little Ian looking in this picture.. He is cute! Like small boy!! Xp..

UKM Tour
14. On the double deck bus, and we're on the upper level of course!

15. Evon and Kelly.. she's the same age as me!

Out of UKM, Into KoreaTown, Ampang
16. On Chan Sow Lin Starline station.. We got on the wrong train and got back here again..

17. In the tren

18. On the road, discussing where to eat! Where is Khai looking at?

19. Matt joined us for lunch too.. and our lunch is Korean food!!

20. Cold noodle.. clockwise from the green colour thing ok? Cucumber, pear(ya they have pear in noodle soup!!), egg, sengkuang, noodle..

21. Guess what! it's relly cold.. they have ice in it too!! O.o

The Koreans are friendly people, nice to have them.. Communication wise, it's funny and we try to understand each other, not that bad tho..

And.. I'm falling in love with Korean food.. Xp..

Now.. I'm falling asleep.... Zzz..