Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Netball Trip

I'm SO forgetful!! I just realised i haven't blog about my netball trip at Port Dickson!! =.="

Here goes.. I joined Netball for my cocuriculum.. Why? Cause i was conned by my lovely roomie.. Anyway, we, the netball gang went Port Dickson on 6th-8th March for our practical.. (That's why i missed my anniversary!) What we do there? Let's take a look..

1. Happy and excited faces once we reach!

2. More happy and excited faces!

3. See how happy and excited are we? wooo!!

4. A full house look alike house by the beach..

5. Syok sendiri moments!

6. Evon and Asilah..

7. Discussing the best strategies...

8. Shoot!

9. They got 2nd place!

10. Lunch time.

11. Happy faces on beach..

12. God's children! =)

13. Playing games..

14. Banana boat!!

15. Ice-cream, treated by our coach!

16. Nice background kan?

17. Jumping over a small stream!

18. Sitting on branch.

19. Blue blue sea..

20. Just can't stop jumping~

21. Almost the whole netball team..

22. Nadiah & Bet..

23. It's so blue!

24. Happy faces after shopping!

25. Pretty girls~

26. Coach, Pn.Hamdiah and husband.

27. Nice sand..

28. Nice scenery..

29. Nice sky..

Overall it's a good and sweet experience.. =) enjoyed..


Lisa ^^, said...

Wow. Looks nice. You guys can become kangaroos liao lor. Jump here jump there! wakakkaa XD

Jeremy said...

now only blog bout this? -.-"
a bit late rite? LOL!
hw come didn't say anything about the game wan? hehe..

wen said...

hahaha.. it's a nice picture to take lar.. Xp..

It's never too late man.. Well the game is normal lar guar.. haha..

Annie Choong said...

evon tiew is so malay...ekekekek...xPxP