Saturday, March 21, 2009

A different Saturday

I woke up, and found myself in my home sweet home, on the world most comfortable bed.

I had an unusual breakfast date instead of an usual lunch date with Matt. We both had our Top-1 order, Tosai Telur, with Matt's favourite Dal, and my favourite Kari Ikan.

I went to recently-engaged Ruth's place, to check out some batik skirt. It's for my college dinner, which is on next Tues. We had a short but sweet chit-chat-time.

I went KLPAC with Mon and Eunice for Dithyrambic Singers' first concert in Malaysia. For your information, Matt is one of the Dithyrambic Singers. First time watching a concert at KLPAC. First time driving there too. The concert, is good. =)

I went Selayang Mall with my family. We had Famous Amos's ice cream. Yummy ice cream. On our way back, we played some chinese word game in the car.

Today is a rather different Saturday, because of all the happenings mentioned above.

A photo of the ticket worth RM30! And let's do a little bit of English with it k? =)

Dithyrambic---it's not in the dictionary!

Singers---Plural Noun

Dithyrambic Singers---Proper Noun

presents---Verb (not sure if it's transitive of intransitive >.< )




A Choral Voyage---Noun Phrase


Kuala Lumpur---Proper Noun


Arts---Plural Noun


The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre---Proper Noun

This is what English student do when they are bored! (at least i do! Xp..)


Mattster said...


haha... dithyrambic is from a greek word Dithyrambos.. which is a song of offering to one of the greek gods.. go google it out.. :)

wen said...

hehe.. oooo... Xp..