Wednesday, March 25, 2009

College Dinner '09

It's a annual college dinner, where all college residents are invited to go.. It's more like we've paid for it so we for sure go lar! =.=" Back to the dinner, the theme that night is Batik Kontemporari.. and food are of course, Malay food (again?!)... blah...

The dinner is not that great after all, but the fellowship is superb! =)

1. Yit Chin, Alice, Evon, Yoke Luan, Annie, Melia, Seow Voon at the bus stop.

2. Asilah, my netball friend.

3. The same member again, but at different place. This is taken in front of the Canselori Hall..

4. Bunch of girls at the staircase right in front of the main entrance.

5. Rowena, the first coursemate i know!

6. Evon & Annie in the hall!

7. Our dinner... a very not great or grand dinner.. dissapointed..

8. We both cried in front of each other before! (opss..) And that definetely make our friendship grow stronger! Tho it doesnt mean that a relationship have to use crying to strenghten it! Xp..
9. Jenny, PERKEB-ian aka college mate.

10. Zara, my coursemate who drives! Xp..

11. Izyan, my coursemate too, who cant drive but can ride a bike.. O.o

12. All the hungry faces man..
13. Finally... we waited till 9pm plus only get to it okay! =.="

14. The Canselori Hall.. This is where our orientation was held, and also where our convocation gonna take place when we graduate.
15. Happiest moment is when we got to eat ice-cream!! That's Annie..

16. Melia from Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities.. Seow Voon from Faculty of Economy & Business.. Highest pointer among all the college residents.. Smart people! Xp..

17. Swe Jyan, PERKEB's very cute AJK Doa.. =)
18. Seow Voon, Annie and Evon.. We cabut earlier due to Annie's not-so-well's tummy.. thanks a lot to Mr. Koay Su-Jian for sending us back!!

The End!


yAnKuchIki said...

I have a 'lesen' ok..kompeten lg..just don't hav d vehicle wit me....miss my JJB 8107

meliawong said...

oops... was surprise that u mentioned that.. hehe.. yup.. that makes our relationship closer.. thanks evon:)

wen said...

Oo.. ada juga driving lisence.. Xp..

haha.. opss.. Thanks to you too!! *hugs*