Sunday, March 01, 2009

BB's baking & cooking session

1. A table full of ingredients.

2. Gee: 'To~~ Grandma Elliot's Bran Muffin and Spaghetti!!!'

3. Siaw Lin, starting her art work.

4.Ta-da! Siaw Lin's art.

5. Mon mon chopping walnut.

6. Siaw Lin adding more stuff into her art.

7. Evon, oiling the muffin tray.

8. Siaw Lin's result of adding and mixing stuff together.

9. Siqin pouring in HL milk in the pot full of Bran.

10. Gee showing us some chemical effects.

11. Bran swimming in the milk!

12. Siaw Lin's almost done art.

13. Evon drinking advocado oil?! O.o

14. Siqin & Mon filling the muffin tray.

15. Into the oven!

16. Siaw Lin, cutting the smallest room = mushroom!

17. Introducing.. T-spoon, U-spoon, V-spoon and W spoon.

18. Onions bullying Siaw Lin!

19. Spaghetti in the boiling pot.

20. The muffins are ready!

21. Siqin holding Grandma Elliot's bran muffin with two cute gloves.

22. Gee being very useful by washing chopsticks?!

23. Say bye bye to muffin tray, and hello to our stomach!

24. Siaw Lin and spaghetti, plus Siqin washing plates at the back.

25. Live music, brought to you by Ah Soh and Mon!

26. Eunice: Let me check if it's poisonous or not! Hmmm...

27. Now she is really making herself useful!

28. Presenting... Grandma Elliot's Bran Muffin!

29. Presenting... BB's Spaghetti!

30. A picture found in Ruth's house (didnt take a picture of Ruth, so putting up a picture that we got from her house! Xp..)
"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you."
--John 15:12


|~redniwri~| said...

Tiew Yi Wen. My sister said I myself look like a grandma with my 'superman' cape and specs =.=" haha nice post!

*cq* said...

now... if I could just copy and paste your blogpost on my blog... ;p

Tissuegirl said...

so cute spontaneous! supergee! that shall be your name from now on! and YA...i came in just in time to EAT. miss all the fun. darn. :P

siaw_lin said...

hi nice pics.. haha. i was thinking of copying ur photos too on my blog.haha..can i? i had fun wif u girls . thanks for being there and lending ur ears.

wen said...

SuperGee!! Xp..

Eh! ada copyright lar! hehehe..

Yea, so in time! hehe..

wen said...

>>Siaw Lin
haha.. take only lar the photos! i'l try send to you guys.. =)

siaw_lin said...

hey thx a lot. i'll put courtesy of evon!

mon said...

siqin u have a blog????something i didn't know...ooooo....and yeah...SUPERGEE!!!! our very own super hero....

meiyee said...

Wah!! :) SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me so jealous.... :( hehe

wen said...

I wonder what special power our SuperGee has.. Xp..

>>mei yee
Fly back back then! Xp..

mon said...

supergee has the power of listening remember????its a special power that none of us have it as good as her