Monday, March 30, 2009

Love weekend!

I am looking forward to weekend more and more ever since i'm in uni. That's because i get to be with my family, love one and friends, get to eat good food, get to go back church, get to have lots of fun! Xp..

I had lunch-date with Matt as usual.. and we had Teepanyaki!! yummy~~ This is the 2nd time we had Teepanyaki together, the 1st time was on Valentine..

This time, Matt had Salmon Teepanyaki, California roll and 2 and 3/4 glass of green tea.. And i had Chicken Teepanyaki, California roll and 3/4 glass of green tea.. Goodness.. it's super nice and super full.. yummy!! that's what i call REAL food! Xp..

YA! program was planned by the College Group this week.. Theme that the CG used was 'Salt and Light'..

Salt & Light

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

--Matthew 5:13-16--

So, the CG planned some activities, or in other words, games, for the YA! based on the theme and verses above.

1. Sara, tasting whatever it is..

2. Amos, writing down his answer..
3. The Cicak group and the bling Cicak..

4. Esther and Zhong Yi, looking for thier chair to sit.. it's just there.. right there!
5. V-jin from DigiMan, trying super hard to hear the direction..

6. Nicholas.. At last he found his seat!
7. Ah Soh, Mon n Siaw Lin clearing the maze..

8. Mr. Jeremy, the boss of CG..

Earth Hour!! Well, my family really did off the lights.. And it's not very dark lar, since we have the street lights shining in our home.. What i did during Earth Hour? Xp.. Something lar... Xp.. Can ask Matt if you wanna know.. Xp..

On Sunday, the bunch of us had mamak session as usual.. And all the funny stuff just blah out lar... Ah Soh shared with us the wonders of spacing.. 'The pen is on the table'.. hahaha... Oh well, sorry if you dont get it lar k? Xp..

Went JJ to buy stuff.. With Matt and our beloved VC from our very own LUM. Well LUM basically means Love/Lame University of Malaysia lar k? hehehe.. So while our NC trying out wokring pants in the fitting room.. We... Neh.. We didnt take pics of him k! =.=" Xp.. But Matt and I take pictures of ourselves! Oh well.. Xp..

After church, lepak at home till the clock strikes 6.. It's time to go back uni.. It was raining all the way till uni.. Even the sky shed for me as i leave home sweet home... =(

Now now... 2 more weeks of classes.. 1 week of study break.. 3 weeks of exams..

Then i'l be free.. Well.. hopefully.. Xp..

Stop dreaming and back to study now..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Netball Trip

I'm SO forgetful!! I just realised i haven't blog about my netball trip at Port Dickson!! =.="

Here goes.. I joined Netball for my cocuriculum.. Why? Cause i was conned by my lovely roomie.. Anyway, we, the netball gang went Port Dickson on 6th-8th March for our practical.. (That's why i missed my anniversary!) What we do there? Let's take a look..

1. Happy and excited faces once we reach!

2. More happy and excited faces!

3. See how happy and excited are we? wooo!!

4. A full house look alike house by the beach..

5. Syok sendiri moments!

6. Evon and Asilah..

7. Discussing the best strategies...

8. Shoot!

9. They got 2nd place!

10. Lunch time.

11. Happy faces on beach..

12. God's children! =)

13. Playing games..

14. Banana boat!!

15. Ice-cream, treated by our coach!

16. Nice background kan?

17. Jumping over a small stream!

18. Sitting on branch.

19. Blue blue sea..

20. Just can't stop jumping~

21. Almost the whole netball team..

22. Nadiah & Bet..

23. It's so blue!

24. Happy faces after shopping!

25. Pretty girls~

26. Coach, Pn.Hamdiah and husband.

27. Nice sand..

28. Nice scenery..

29. Nice sky..

Overall it's a good and sweet experience.. =) enjoyed..

College Dinner '09

It's a annual college dinner, where all college residents are invited to go.. It's more like we've paid for it so we for sure go lar! =.=" Back to the dinner, the theme that night is Batik Kontemporari.. and food are of course, Malay food (again?!)... blah...

The dinner is not that great after all, but the fellowship is superb! =)

1. Yit Chin, Alice, Evon, Yoke Luan, Annie, Melia, Seow Voon at the bus stop.

2. Asilah, my netball friend.

3. The same member again, but at different place. This is taken in front of the Canselori Hall..

4. Bunch of girls at the staircase right in front of the main entrance.

5. Rowena, the first coursemate i know!

6. Evon & Annie in the hall!

7. Our dinner... a very not great or grand dinner.. dissapointed..

8. We both cried in front of each other before! (opss..) And that definetely make our friendship grow stronger! Tho it doesnt mean that a relationship have to use crying to strenghten it! Xp..
9. Jenny, PERKEB-ian aka college mate.

10. Zara, my coursemate who drives! Xp..

11. Izyan, my coursemate too, who cant drive but can ride a bike.. O.o

12. All the hungry faces man..
13. Finally... we waited till 9pm plus only get to it okay! =.="

14. The Canselori Hall.. This is where our orientation was held, and also where our convocation gonna take place when we graduate.
15. Happiest moment is when we got to eat ice-cream!! That's Annie..

16. Melia from Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities.. Seow Voon from Faculty of Economy & Business.. Highest pointer among all the college residents.. Smart people! Xp..

17. Swe Jyan, PERKEB's very cute AJK Doa.. =)
18. Seow Voon, Annie and Evon.. We cabut earlier due to Annie's not-so-well's tummy.. thanks a lot to Mr. Koay Su-Jian for sending us back!!

The End!