Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday SurpriseS!

1st surprise birthday party was planned by Matt.. Matt, Alicia, Gee, Hon Yau, Jarod, Jeremy and Lydia came and crash my college in the middle of the night on my birthday.. Along with some of my friends in uni, Annie, Davin, Harn Ni, Melia, Xiao Wen and Yoke Luan..

2nd surprise birthday party was planned by Mon.. Mon, Gee, Grace, Ruth, Siaw Lin and Siqin took part in the lying session, where they lied about having BB meeting which turned out to be a surprise.. =.=" And also others who took part in this are Matt, Ah Yuan, Deborah, Elise, Hon Yau, Jason, Jeremy, Jen Li, Jen Lyn, Jun Jet, Lemuel, Lydia, Kok Yi, Sue Ann and V-Jin..

Thanks Jeremy, Gee, Ann, Hon Yau, Jason, Mon and Matt for the sharing.. =) Just to share a little bit of part of the sharing.. I shall take Mon's sharing.. A poem from Mon to me on the 2nd surprise birthday party of mine..

Every hour and every day
I thank God that you're okay
You joke and laugh, and always play
But don't forget to always pray

Very crazy but also sweet
Without you we're incomplete
Knowing you it is our treat
God has blessed you nice and neat

Only you can nag and tell
My dearest brother Matthew Khoo
But most of all, he definately fell
For a girl like you who is true and cool

Never forget our Heavenly Father above
Who showed His love and died for us
So, share your life and also God's love
As you journey on in your wonderful life

Last but not least.. Thanks everyone.. For your presence in my life and also the presents! (I can now start reading the books! wohoo~~)



Mattster said...

i was also part of the planning for the 2nd surprise leh... xP

wen said...

okay.. i did include your name lar.. =.="

'And also others who took part in this are Matt....'

See.. your name is the 1st man! Xp..

siaw_lin said...

hi hope it was a memorable 21st b'day for u! Cheers. see u this sun