Tuesday, February 03, 2009

21st Birthday

This is a Thank You post to all who make my 21st birthday worth remembering!

Thank you Alicia, Gee, Hon Yau, Jarod, Jeremy and Lydia. For coming all the way from Melawati to UKM and being part of the surprise.

Thank you Annie, Davin, Harn Ni, Melia, Xiao Wen and Yoke Luan. For the tak-jadi-yamcha session and being part of the surprise.

Thank you Alicia, Andrew, Deborah, Gee, Hon Yau, Jeremy, Mon, Siaw Lin, Yue Min and Zhong Xin. For giving me this, Cecelia Ahern's 3 in 1 books.

Thank you Alice, Annie, Davin, Emily, Harn Ni, Melia, Qing Hui, Su-Jian, Xiao Wen and Yoke Luan. For giving me this, The Power of a Praying Woman.

Thank you Elise. For making a lovely card.

Thank you Sue Ann and Lemuel. For this, water bottle and 21 papers full of encouraging verses, things to do when i'm bored and my characteristic.

Thank you Mei Yee and Qing Hui. For wishing me through phone call.

Thank you Ellie and Su-Jian. For wishing me through MSN.

Thank you Jeremy and Sue Ann. For wishing me through Facebook.

Thank you Siaw Lin, Ah Yuan, Daddy, Emily, Pi Fang, Sue Ann, Si Ling, Nien Nee, Qing Hui, Uncle Eric, Deborah, Yoke Luan, Melia, Lai Heong, Chi Meng, Alice, Jeremy, Zhong Xin, Yoke Theng, Yi Ming, Zi Fen, Amos, Pei Vern, Grace, Michele, King Chai, Lai Ching, Jian How, Pei Chin, Priscilla, Hui Zhen, Kok Hoe, Jen Li, Ruth and Zara. For wishing me through SMS.

Thank you for all, who's name not listed on above. For wishing me face-to-face, hand shakes and hugs.

Lastly, thank you dear. For all your effort in making my 21st birthday special and 'P.S. I Love You'.

Super lastly, thank You God. For making me a child of Yours. For giving me friends and love ones who are a blessing to me.

Thank You God, for this wonderful moment.


Lisa ^^, said...

I'm sorry babe that I was so blur and didn't know when your birthday was. Needed you to tell me yourself. haha XD
Anyways, it's never too late right?

Wishing you all the best in life, dear Evon,
May God shower you with overflowing love and joy in your life,
May you be happy and content in whatever you do, wherever you go,
May you have more and more wonderful times and memories with family, friends and loved ones,
May God grant you wisdom in making the decisions that count,
May God continue to be real to you and lead you in the direction that He wants you to go,
May God strengthen your faith and trust in Him,
May you always grow and grow deeply rooted in His word, and grow closer in your relationship with Him,
May you continue to still be a blessing to all those around you and reflect His love and peace.

Lots of love (with apologies!),
Liz ^^,

wen said...

haha.. it's never too late.. thanks lisa! that's very sweet of you!! *hugss*

meiyee said...

Thank you for being YOU! :) *hugs*

wen said...

>>Mei Yee
Thank you too! *hugs*

meliawong said...

u deserve it, evon.. you always bring joy to other's ppl life.. u always love, care for those around u.. thank God for u, evon..