Friday, January 23, 2009


All my effort..
All my time..
All my energy..
All my thinking..

All.. Just went 'poof!' in a night..

God, what lesson or lessons that You want me to learn from this? I really dont know..

Or.. maybe i know, just that i dont want to face it..

P/s: i really can be quite a pessimist! =.="


h0cmun said...

what happened?

Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah, what went POOF??!!

wen said...

>>Hoc Mun, Lisa

Something lar.. Xp..

But i survived lar.. With the help of Him and him..

thanks anyway.. for being 'kepoh'..

J e n n Y said...

link me kawan!

meliawong said...

now i und why that night u so late haven sleep.. i hope now ady settle everything.. gambate sis.. need help just let me know la..