Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY at hometown

Some photos of CNY..

1. Evon and Rui Qing. Rui Qing is my niece.. Hmm.. should be niece lar.. She's my cousin brother's daugther.. She call me aunty.. =.="

2. Rui Qing & Kai Wen. Qing Qing look cute with the big sunglass! Xp..

3. Seow Li & Evon. This is the 1st time for a very long time she wore spaghetti strap! A very funny cousin sister of mine..

4. Evon & Yew Kheng. My cousin brother who spent his recent holiday with my family.. We used to play along together..

5+6. Rui En. Rui Qing's younger sister. She can be real ganas at times.. and likes to follow whatever the sister does.. For instance, when the sister wear someone's high heels, she will follow her too! And you wonder how kids walk on high heels huh? They can really amazed you! without falling too!! Oh and.. she's quite amazed with camera, and only smile after i snap a photo of her.. =.=" cute little girl!!

7+8. Evon & Rui Qing. We took lots of photos together.. I think these look nice.. On the 2nd photo, i think Rui Qing looked very sexy.. Yes i know 'sexy' it's a little too much for her age.. But, dont you guys think she look sexy? Xp..

Next up, College CG CNY dinner! Looking forward to it.. =)

Tata.. =)





hey,do you still remember me?
im Wan Ting ah ^-^
yinyin's neighbour~~~

wen said...

hahaha... of course i remember.. i added you at facebook.. =) saw that you're Keo's junior..

Mattster said...

your cousin sister looks like ur mum.. haha..