Thursday, January 15, 2009

2nd Semester

It's now the third week of Uni, classes started, tutorials started, and stress is going to start soon too!! =.="

Subjects that i'm taking this sem:
1.Structures in Context
-Grammar stuff! I would say it's a higher level of Foundation English?

2.Written Communication
-Writing! Lots of writing! Suppose to write 4 paragraph and 4 essays in 14th weeks!

3.Language and ICT
-Help us to learn and teach language using ICT. The wonders of ICT. And i'm truly ashamed that I cant even on a dekstop. =.=" i can on my laptop tho! Xp..

4.ICT for Social Science
-It's a computer class. Maybe from here I can learn how to on a dekstop. =.="

5.Keterampilan Berbahasa dan Berkomunikasi
-Inilah subjek di mana anda diajar untuk berbahasa dan berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Malaysia yang tulen. Cara berbahasa, berucap, berbahasa dan berkomunikasi akan dipelajari oleh anda dalam subjek.
-It's in BM, and i'm totally not good in it. And you suppose to speak Malay, which is difficult cause all my thoughts are in English and Chinese! Thank god i have my Malay coursemate to help me.

6.Hubungan Etnik
-Inilah subjek anda akan belajar semula Pendidkan Moral yang telah pun dikuasai di peringkat sekolah rendah dan sekolah menengah.
-Goodness gracious! After last sem's TITAS, which is all about Islam, now this Hubungan Etnik is all about moral.

7.Bola Jaring
-It's Bola Jaring again, hopefully this is the last time we need to take Bola Jaring, so that i dont need to be stuck here in uni till Saturday.

That's an update of the subjects i'm taking this sem, hopefully i'll survive!

Oh.. this is not going to be a no-photo-blog. So.. Ta-da! Matt and I, at New Zealand Natural, KLCC.. Yummy~ hehe..

That's all & Tata! =)

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Lisa ^^, said...

All the best with hubungan etnik!! It's the most "interesting" subject ever!!! (well, I think it's gonna be better than TITAS -- correction: TITAS is the most "interesting" subject ever...Crap.)