Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY at hometown

Some photos of CNY..

1. Evon and Rui Qing. Rui Qing is my niece.. Hmm.. should be niece lar.. She's my cousin brother's daugther.. She call me aunty.. =.="

2. Rui Qing & Kai Wen. Qing Qing look cute with the big sunglass! Xp..

3. Seow Li & Evon. This is the 1st time for a very long time she wore spaghetti strap! A very funny cousin sister of mine..

4. Evon & Yew Kheng. My cousin brother who spent his recent holiday with my family.. We used to play along together..

5+6. Rui En. Rui Qing's younger sister. She can be real ganas at times.. and likes to follow whatever the sister does.. For instance, when the sister wear someone's high heels, she will follow her too! And you wonder how kids walk on high heels huh? They can really amazed you! without falling too!! Oh and.. she's quite amazed with camera, and only smile after i snap a photo of her.. =.=" cute little girl!!

7+8. Evon & Rui Qing. We took lots of photos together.. I think these look nice.. On the 2nd photo, i think Rui Qing looked very sexy.. Yes i know 'sexy' it's a little too much for her age.. But, dont you guys think she look sexy? Xp..

Next up, College CG CNY dinner! Looking forward to it.. =)

Tata.. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009


All my effort..
All my time..
All my energy..
All my thinking..

All.. Just went 'poof!' in a night..

God, what lesson or lessons that You want me to learn from this? I really dont know..

Or.. maybe i know, just that i dont want to face it..

P/s: i really can be quite a pessimist! =.="

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Qing Hui's 21st Birthday

It's not exactly her birthday yet, but since she's flying back to Sarawak on her birthday, we celebrated with her earlier.

Ta-da! This is Qing Hui, making her 21st birthday wish..

She was touched by the present we gave it to her.. We, as in the prayer sisters! We actually pull her over to take a group picture, just to put it in the photo frame. Thanks a lot to Annie, she managed to make her stand in the middle (i wasn't aware of that till she told me about it!)

Oh, it was a surprise for her! After all the preparation, delays, arrangement to meet up, lies (Sorry God! >.<), running up staircase.. The surprise was a successful one! Maybe cause she's quite blur also lar.. She walked in her room, said 'Tomorrow morning I have a class at 8am lar..', without realising Alice was at the side of the door holding her birthday cake! Haha..

Okay, who's involved in this surprise party?

Top left-Annie (prayer sister)
Top right-Hong Siew (her cute roommate)
Middle left-Kai Wen (her konco, also a teacher-to-be)
Middle right-Alice (prayer sister)
Bottom left-Melia (prayer sister)
Bottom right-Evon (prayer sister)
Great job girls!! The surpirse won't be a surpirse without all of you!!

We have surprise, sing song, make a wish, blow candle, take picture with cake, cut cake, give present, open present, take picture with present, secrets of how the surprise works was revealed, prayer, eat cake and that's the end of it! And everyone enjoy it very much. =)

Dear Qing Hui,
Continue walking closely to our God and seek Him in all the small and big decisions in your life! Really look up to you as you take the profession as a teacher. Hope you'll be a great teacher (perhaps like Jesus, our great teacher? Xp..) in future! And we all (on behalf of the prayer sister) really appreciate your presence in our life and really thank God for you!

Next birthday.. EVON!!! hahaha... (perasan giler.. Xp..)

Tata =)

2nd Semester

It's now the third week of Uni, classes started, tutorials started, and stress is going to start soon too!! =.="

Subjects that i'm taking this sem:
1.Structures in Context
-Grammar stuff! I would say it's a higher level of Foundation English?

2.Written Communication
-Writing! Lots of writing! Suppose to write 4 paragraph and 4 essays in 14th weeks!

3.Language and ICT
-Help us to learn and teach language using ICT. The wonders of ICT. And i'm truly ashamed that I cant even on a dekstop. =.=" i can on my laptop tho! Xp..

4.ICT for Social Science
-It's a computer class. Maybe from here I can learn how to on a dekstop. =.="

5.Keterampilan Berbahasa dan Berkomunikasi
-Inilah subjek di mana anda diajar untuk berbahasa dan berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Malaysia yang tulen. Cara berbahasa, berucap, berbahasa dan berkomunikasi akan dipelajari oleh anda dalam subjek.
-It's in BM, and i'm totally not good in it. And you suppose to speak Malay, which is difficult cause all my thoughts are in English and Chinese! Thank god i have my Malay coursemate to help me.

6.Hubungan Etnik
-Inilah subjek anda akan belajar semula Pendidkan Moral yang telah pun dikuasai di peringkat sekolah rendah dan sekolah menengah.
-Goodness gracious! After last sem's TITAS, which is all about Islam, now this Hubungan Etnik is all about moral.

7.Bola Jaring
-It's Bola Jaring again, hopefully this is the last time we need to take Bola Jaring, so that i dont need to be stuck here in uni till Saturday.

That's an update of the subjects i'm taking this sem, hopefully i'll survive!

Oh.. this is not going to be a no-photo-blog. So.. Ta-da! Matt and I, at New Zealand Natural, KLCC.. Yummy~ hehe..

That's all & Tata! =)