Monday, December 28, 2009

Random photos (3)

Photos and a line for each photo.. =)

1. Matt & Evon (love my hair!! Xp..)

2s. Little Baby Emma!! the baby mummy is babysitting.. Super lovely & cute daughter of Alan & Pui Yen!

3. Davin, confirm sms-ing with his "ai-ren"..

4. Sin Yee, super sien.. =.="

5. Kumutha & Sin Gin are happy that class was cancelled!

6. The newly-renovated-church!!

7. Matt playing guitar on stage.. practising for Christmas service..

8. Marcus, HonYau, Uncle Eric, Christopher & Matt.. the jazz band for Christmas dinner..

9. Captain ball turned into Butt ball! I think it's fun!

10. Free ticket for Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 from Pui Yen!!

11. The boys at The Curve

12. Evon & Matt at The Curve

Twenty Ten is around the corner! like super around the corner!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2 days before Christmas

2 days before Christmas, the 2 of us went lepak at night.. Must put in Sejarah Hari Ini cause it's such a rare occassion.. Xp..

After all the thinking, we had our dinner at Rendezvous Steak Garden.. The place where my parents saw Jason & Ruth dating.. Hehehe.. Where's Rendezvous? Erm, it's near the Kampung Pandan roundabout.. Ordered Chicken Maryland, Grilled Cheese Chicken, Potato Skin and 2 drinks.. =)



The heavy drinker

The potato lover

Main reason why we went out at night is to see the fake snow at Pavillion.. But when we are there after our dinner, we only saw Christmas trees, Raindeers, Fountains.. Apparently they've got some certain time for the snow, we just missed it.. Oh well, fake snow only.. Not real.. Nevermind..... Xp.. So we ended up lepak-ing at Pavillion, walk here and there.. Listen to some band playing right outside of Pavillion.. Oh.. and we had Lecka Lecka! Xp..


Slurpy Lecka

RM12.75 ESPriT


Christmas is like really near now.. Yay!! =)
---Carolling on 24th night
---Christmas service on 25th morning
---Christmas dinner on 25th night
---Christmas CG dinner on 26th night

Wishing all a Blessed & Joyful Christmas!! =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back to reality

What happens after Taiwan?

First thing first.. Dating? Hahaha.. Went and watch Princess & The Frog with Matt.. =) We had lunch at Chillis before that too.. Xp.. And that was the first time i drove all the way to Midvalley.. Xp.. Thanks to Matt.. =)



A 4 days 3 night camp, was also a life-changing camp.. Thanks a lot to all those who contributed in a small or rather big way.. =) Special thanks to...
-God the Father of all
-Yoshua Chua the camp speaker
-Uncle Gan & Aunt Meier the advisors and workshop speakers
-Uncle Eric the advisor, devotion speaker and driver
-Uncle Kenny the devotion speaker
-Aunt Joan the driver
-HonYau & Jason the workshop speakers
-Matthew Khoo the understanding boyfriend

Hmm.. I missed out some people dont i? The wonderful YA! Camp Committee of year 2009!!
-Amos the camp commander
-Fern the secretary and reminder
-Joel & Joshua the treausrer
-Ravern the worship & prayer coordinator
-Lemuel the publicity guy
-Shu Yee the logistic girl
-Zhong xin the game coordinator

Had a yummy dinner with the YA! Camp committee & YA! committee along with our advisors =)

Uncle Gan

Joel Low, Joel Gan & Aunt Meier

Matt Ben, Lemuel & Joshua

Deborah, Sara & Evon

Sarah, Fern & Shu Yee

Evon, Matt & ZhongXin the flower

Amos, Phoebe & Jen Li

Camp was inspiring and life-changing.. Am pretty sure i'm one of the semangat during camp then after camp lose the semangat-ness.. Just gonna pray that the fire wont just go poof but continue to burn for God.. =)

YA! Camp 2009

Now now.. back to reality.. Am back in hostel.. starting uni 21st Dec 2009.. ish ish.. so donk right? and falling sick right now make the situation even donkier.. =.="

By the way, Christmas is near!! Xp..

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Limited Gifts

I'm back from Taiwan.. said tata to me dear pearl milk tea..

Pearl Milk Tea

As the title said.. I only have limited gifts for muka tembok girls.. yes.. girls only.. Xp..

Earings (sample only)

Hair accessories

So, they're not for sale people, only for grabbing.. "siapa cepat, dia dapat.."

Monday, December 07, 2009

Taiwan - 7th Dec 09

Last day in Taiwan.. coming back tomorrow..

Had my favourite Pearl Milk Tea..

Had yummy breakfast..

Had wonderful fellowship..

Had a great holiday here.. =)

I'm coming back!!

Taiwan - 6th Dec 09

Relaxing day.. =)

Christmas is near!!

Our meal



Mum and ravern

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Taiwan - 5th Dec 09

A day trip to the south border of Taiwan..
places we visited are in purple circles
a place where they burn 'money'to their gods

Mummy & Green bean soup

In the National Musuem of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Kaiwen and starfish

We found Dory!

Baby jelly fishes

Feeding show

The whale shark, largest fish of the ocean

Kids and whale (killer whale right?)
Evon in the underwater tunnel

Garden Eel

Listening to the dolphins
Penguin feeding show


Kaiwen & Evon


Mount & Ocean

The family, minus daddy..