Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year

The Parable of Tomorrow

I looked at the mountain.
It is too hard Lord, I said.
I cannot climb.
Take My Hand, He whispered.
I will be your strength.

I saw the road.
It is too long Lord, I said.
So rough and long.
Take My Love, He answered.
I will guide your feet.

I looked at the sky.
The sun is gone, I said.
Already it grows dark.
Take the lantern of My Word, He whispered.
That will be Light enough.

We climbed.
The road was narrow and steep
But the way was bright.
And when thorns reacched out,
they found His hand before they touched mine.
I knew it was His love
That kept my feet from stumbling.

Then I grew tired.
I can go no futher Lord, I said.
He answered, Night is gone.
Look up, My child.
I looked up and it was dawn.
Green valleys strecthed below.
I can go on alone now, I said.

And then i saw the marks.
Lord, Thou art wounded.
Thy hands are bleeding.
Thy feet are bruised.
Was it for me?
He whispered, I did it gladly.

Then i fell at His feet.
Lord, lead me on! I cried.
No road too long
No valley too deep
If Thou with me
We walk together now and shall forevermore.
-Ruth Zwell-

Three years back, Aunt Teresa ask us to paste this 'The Parable of Tomorrow' on our journal. To be honest, it didnt struck me much. Xp..

But now as it comes to the end and the beginning, and i read it agian, it means a lot to me. Knowing that I can take His hand, i can take His love, i can take His word, it really make my heart warm.

Uncle Gan asked a few question to us in his year end message..
Q:Have you evaluate yourself?

Q:Have you grow? In relationship with people?
A:With family, ok guar.. With him, asked him? Xp.. With friends, quite..

Q:Have you grow? Spiritually? In God's word?
A:I would be glad enough to say, Yes!

I dont know what will happen in next year.. But, I will continue trusting Him..

Blessed New Year to all!!! =)


Lisa ^^, said...

Very encouraging parable :)

wen said...

Ya lo, that's why post it up and let it encourage others too.. =)

Jeremy said...


Well, hope the College CG, PERKEB, and Church will be able to help in your continuing growth in the Lord this coming year...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him. And He'll make your paths straight."

wen said...

Speaking like a CG leader huh? hahaha... thanks anyway.. =)