Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessed New Year..

It's been a year..

I was in Taiwan this time last year, celebrating New Year with the family i stayed with.. Watching fireworks at the top of the apartment i stayed..

Suddenly my phone rang..


He called..

It's kinda cold that time when i was in Taiwan, but my heart was warm when i received that phone call..

Sorry, this is the second time i'm not with you..

Thanks for being with me, going through all the ups and downs together with me.. Really.. Really appreciate that.. =) I hope i have do my part well this year too..

Looking forward to spend 2009 with you..

Now i wonder.. Am i going to receive a phone call tonight?

Anyway, blessed new year to all..=)


Mattster said...

so did u receive any call? ;)

Annie Choong said...

so who called u?

Lisa ^^, said...

Ooh, *ahem ahem*
That is sooo sweet. Haha
Wishing you guys the best...
You can do it! :)

wen said...

Yes.. didnt you called? how come you dont know? hmmm.. is that you who called me? hmmm.. Xp..

Oh, the person who asked 'so did u receive any call? ;)'.. Xp..

Hehe.. Thanks!! Xp..