Thursday, November 13, 2008

...jolly! Fa la la la la la la la la!

Jolly No.1
It's offically the end of 1 semester of my 1st year in UKM! Merdeka~~

Below are the subjects i took for this semester:
-Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)
-Pengantar Sains Sosial
-English for Social Sciences
-Introduction to Language and Linguistic
-Oral Communication
-Foundation English
-Bola Jaring

Studies are good.. I learn a lot, even to it's only 14 weeks.. Some subjects are interesting, some are just crazy subjects.. Hopefully results will be good too! I'm expecting to get at least 2-3As, a little greedy? oh well, we shall see when results out.. Xp.. Just.. dont fail any of the subject.. *gulp* Am a little worry for 2 of my subjects..

Coursemate are nice! Majority are Malays tho. This is my first time having bunch of Malay friends. Well, i'm always in Chinese school and i hang around with Chinese. Can say that this is a new experience to me, having Malay friends. Got Chinese coursemate also, but.. i hardly hang out with them, cause we're in different colleges, but we're all still friends..

College life is good.. I thank God for Annie.. Having her as my roommate just.. Hmm.. Well just say she's really an encouraging friend.. Learn lots from her.. Have a good relationship with other, shall i say blockmates? We're in the same block.. haha.. anyway, blockmates are nice, some are real crazy.. Any other Christians there? Yup, so far from what i know, got at least 6..

Jolly No.2
Christmas is coming... Neh.. every year also got Christmas.. But a little bit more jolly this year cause i just came out with a list of Christmas present that you (yes! you who are reading this, dont you close the window.. =.=") can get for me! How thoughtful i am, i know you'll crack your head on what to buy for me on Christmas, therefore i came out with a list!

No.1. Neh.. Not this, i already have it.. hahaha..
No.2. Neh.. Needed this, but some generous fella gave it to me dah..

No.3. No i dont need a mouse also.. hahaha... Thanks a lot to this Samsung Ultra Slim mouse 8.0.. Because of it, i got what someone call the fat mouse at the next picture.. =.="

No.4. Yes a pair of shoe! i need a pair of shoe.. I'm size.. 6.. i think.. Xp..

No.5. A-ha! Shirt.. with collar please.. Formal or informal pun boleh.. asalkan ada collar.. =) Size S or M would do.. definitely not XL please, it would be my pyjamas size dah...

No.6. Purse! See.. i only got less than RM10, that's why i'm writing this list! haha.. Oh preferably with lots of pocket to put my card.. i got more than 4.. not credit cards of course.. Xp..

No.7. Bottle.. 1000ml water bottle.. Mine, stil can use but the handle broke, i have to hug it and it's very inconvinient.. So, get those unbreakable handle ya..

No.8. I only have white colour now, and someone commented that it makes my nail looks kekurangan calsium.. =.=" Get me nice colour! hahaha..

No.10. I have more than 20 pairs of earings but.. i dont mind having more tho i only have a pair of ears... hehe..

No.11. Highlighters.. Mine sudah tak der ink lar.. And i do need them for my notes..

No.12. Badges! Dont know why i'm a little into badges nowadays.. They're nice.. =)

No.13. Oooo comics! Peanuts! hehehe.. if no comic, anything with peanuts character would be ok!

Well.. Basically..
Picture No.1, 2, 3 are just additional..
Picture No.4, 5, 7, 11 are stuff i would need..
Picture No. 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 are stuff i want..

And.. if you got lots of money and dont know where to spend.. Here is your chance! Spend it on me.. hahaha... Well.. if you dont... Just wish me a Blessed Christmas would do.. And start saving money for those items above, for my birthday next year.. hahaha... Think bout it k? Xp..

Tata.. =)