Friday, October 24, 2008

Sorrow and Joy..

23rd Oct 2008-the day my uncle passed away

I got a message from mummy around 3.40pm.. asking me if i still have class and if they can come pick me earlier.. i replied and said i would prefer they come and pick me up at 10pm after PERKEB.. then, she replied back.. What i got was a message saying that my uncle had passed away around 2pm..

For more information about him, please click here.

He accepted Christ about 3 weeks ago. The pastor and some of the church member went to his house and visit him. When the pastor asked if he would like to accept and ask Jesus Christ to become his Saviour, he accepted, and the pastor baptised him at once, sprinkle but not water due to his condition.. i was indeed very glad to hear that.. and continue to prayed for him as some of his siblings scolded him for becoming a Christian..

When i received the message from mummy, i was in the bus, on my way back to college.. I hold my tears.. Melia came on the bus not long after i received the message.. i told myself, i'm so going to hold my tears till i go into my room and i'm going to ask Melia to accompany me.. After i get down from the bus, i waited for Melia, and asked her to follow me back to my room.. I failed.. my tears came out before i opened my door..

I sit on my bed, and cried.. We are supposed to go back this weekend to visit him, but...

Melia was with me till i'm okay.. and she prayed for me, for my family, for my uncle and his family too.. 'Thank you Melia..'

Now.. Mummy is on her way back with her adik angkat.. And the rest of us will go back tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning.. Pray for journey mercy, thanks..

Sadly, the funeral is not a Christian funeral.. Apparently his brother dont allow pastor to take my uncle's body away and have a Christian funeral for him.. Pastor decided not to fight with them for the body, as long as we know he's in our Father's hand...

Will appreciated if you would pray for.. (thanks in advanced..)
-My uncle
-Uncle's family, the wife and two sons, 14 and 18.. (yet to be Christian)
-My family, especially mummy
-The rest of the families
-The funeral (even though it's a Taoism funeral)
-any other stuff that i left out..

The Sorrow? The death of my uncle.. and we cant see him for one last time..

The Joy? The faith that my uncle have in our Father in heaven.. And he is now away from all the pains and sufferings.. and he is now resting in our God's arm..

I know Dear Lord, he is with You.. and i thank you Lord, it is You who take him away..

We'll meet again one day, uncle... =)

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Lisa ^^, said...

My condolences Evon..I didn't know..But I'll still keep them in prayer..