Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alice's 19th Birthday

Who is Alice?

This is Alice

Qing Hui, Annie, Alice, Evon and Melia (from left to right)

She is real touched by the words on the card..

Dear Alice, May the good God bless you in every way and may you keep walking closely with our dear Father in heaven.. =)

We started a small prayer meeting not long ago, just the 5 of us for now..

The first session we had was a small introduction session. We talked about ourselves and how we can to know our Father.. It was a real encouraging session.. And we are really encouraged by each other in this session.. And we know for sure that even though our story is different, but the author of our life's story is the same-our Father in heaven.. And it's because of Him, we are bind together in love..

The second session we had was on Alice's birthday.. we had a small but sweet surprise for her, no cake, but cheese tart.. No 19 candles, but 1.. And the highlight, is the prayer that we prayed for her.. Qing Hui prayed for her spiritual life, Annie prayed for her financial and health, Melia prayed for her studies(by the way, Alice and Melia are roommates), and i prayed for her family, friends and future life partner.. It's an all-in-one-prayer..

This is amazing, people wont just get along that well after seeing each other only a few times.. but indeed, it was the faith that we hold, bind us together..

Thank God for these sisters.. =)

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