Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Longing for holidays..

No more pesta tanglung fever... YAY! i would say that.. erm.. i dont really like the peasta tanglung thingy.. Dont really think that it turned out well.. Dont really like the way the committee do things.. Oh well... Xp.. What? supplementary diploma? dont really think that's SO important... hehehe...

Annie and I at KIY's (Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob) pesta tanglung..
Harn Ni, Yoke Luan, Annie and I at KIY's pesta tanglung..

Yes, here comes PERKEB! PERKEB is the name of UKM's christian fellowship. It's meeting is at every thursday night. And prayer meeting at every friday 7am.

Beginning of the semester, PERKEB was not allowed to meet in UKM, so we have to go out of UKM and look for churches to tumpang for our PERKEB. But thank God! We now can meet in UKM in Faculty of Science and Technology, DKG124.. =) Oh and PERKEB help thier meetings in Bahasa Malaysia.. Still trying to get used to it.. There's also a cell group for different colleges to meet up every week for bible study. Mine is on every Monday 7.30pm, in my room.. Enjoyed the moments.. =)

and this is.. PERKEB on Hari Doa..

..and this is PERKEB at mamak..

More updates? hahaha...

Mid sem break is on the way man!! 18th Sept 2008, 6.30pm!! it's the beginning of my sem break! wooooooow! It's my first break every since i started uni... that's why i acted like that... Xp..

Going Malacca on 20th Sept with Annie to Yoke Luan's place.. will be away for this weekend and be back on 22nd Sept.. The objective of going Malacca? Number one, Food... Number two, Fun... According to our driver to be in Malacca, Davin, it's called the F square objective.. haha..

That's all.. more updates on Malacca next week.. =)


Mattster said...

haha.. so long ard the term F squared has been used.. =.=''

h0cmun said...

Happy Holiday!

wen said...

donk lar you matt! Xp... you pun sama-sama lor.. jangan cakap banyak!

wow... you found me on blog!! how?? hmmm...