Monday, September 22, 2008

Malacca trip 08

>>19th Sept 08--22nd Sept 08

>>Day 1
Annie and I met up in KL Sentral, then met up with Yoke Luan at UKM-KTM. The donk KTM tren's air cond doesnt work, Annie and I can actually fainted inside. But we managed to change to another tren before we reached UKM to meet up Yoke Luan. So all three of us took the tren till Seremban. And that was the first time i'm in Seremban, i think... Photo time! =)

1. Waiting for bus.. patiently.. or not! Xp..

2. The bus is here! Wow!

Mr. Davin came all the way from Bukit Katil and pick us up from Melaka Sentral, and our first stop is food!! hahahaha... food food... food food... What do you expect lar k! our bus is 6.30pm and we reach there at 8pm and we didnt take dinner k!

3. The food is here! ABC and Cendol.. which got weird weird taste(oh by the way, there's no kata ganda as in 'weird weird' in English, but.. too bad!! Xp..), cause of gula melaka..

4. More food? this is erm... duck mee? i duno how you call it in english...

5. After food is fun! we played pool at The Jetty. Davin the master a.k.a sifu didnt really did a good job because... please scrool down and you'll know..

6. This is one of the scene after one of his student, the one with the name starting with 'A' played.. Hmm.. notice something is missing?? It's the white colour ball, it just accidentally fall into the hole.. hahaha... blame on the master!! Xp..

7. Annie, Me and Yoke Luan at The Jetty..

8. Food again! Sate Celup.. i didnt expect sate celup to be like this.. i thought it's really sate.. =.="

9. Greedy Davin who took 3 sticks where he only have 2 hands and 1 mouth.. hahaha...

10. Me and Annie in Yoke Luan's lovely room..


11. Food is our first stop on Day 2.. Well, got food in tummy then only got energy mar! This is Ba Kut Teh, different from KL and Klang, but not bad.. Ba Kut Teh here is served with yam rice.. this is the before version..

12. And this is the after version.. haha..

13. We walked all the way up to St. John's fort, and Annie had her historical moment with the notice board..

14. Annie and Yoke Luan at St. John's Fort..

15. Then we went to St. Paul's church.. Annie says 'Peace.. No war..' Xp..

16. Apparently, the sunny sun makes us go crazy..

17. and crazy still.. hahaha... Ultrawoman, Superwoman and Spiderman..

18. Up there at St. Paul church, Annie still remember to have her historical moment with the notice board..

19. Annie and I, with Menara Taming Sari at the background..

20. Kaki gatal.. nak juga naik tannga.. Xp..

21. Davin and his SS moment... *vomit*

22. One nice photo of me, Annie and Yoke Luan..

23. Anohter nice photo of us in front of the windmill..

24. Erm.. i found this fella who is skinnier than me! hahaha..

25. No idea what they're doing publicly at jonker walk.. =.="

26. Chicken rice ball.. yummy yummy...

27. Me and Annie's back..

28. The pilot and the co-pilot.. hahaha...

After visiting the famous historical buildings.. We visit the crocodile park.. For one reason or another, we keep saying it as crocodile farm, instead of crocodile park.. haha..

29. And this is the crocodile farmer.. haha.. Dont they look alike?

30. Annie and her moment with crocodile, because she requested to come here..

31. Our very first photo!! that have all of us in!! hahaha.. it's a reflection from the glass.. and it's a python behind the glass.. hahaha..

After crocodile, we went back home, Yoke Luan's home, and Davin went to his church Youth meeting. We had a super duper full dinner thanks a lot to Yoke Luan's mother.. she just kept feeding us food!! wow... After makan, we went to Menara Taming Sari.. Annie and I like freaking out cause of heights at up there.. and this Davin and Yoke Luan just chat and chat and didnt even bother bout us.. *sob.. sob..*

32. 'Dilarang Memijak'? hmmm.. My PERKEB CG leader once told me, 'rules are made to be break'.. hahaha...

33. Me and Annie in the middle of Menara Taming Sari.. those red dots behind us are cars..

Next stop is Jonker walk and Malacca river.. before we left Jonker.. Davin met up with his friend.. And his friend goes like.. 'Wah.... one person with three girls?!' How fortunate to have girls with him but 2 out of 3 girls are not available.. hahaha..

34. Oh and what a small world!! *it's a small world after all~~* i met Willie here! hahaha...

35. Dont understand what they're doing.. =.=" Annie said she's the maid, massaging the master..

36. Me and Yoke Luan at Malacca River..

37. Another group photo! Yoke Luan, Me, Annie and Davin..

38. i thought this is a very nice photo, thanks a lot to Davin who shook my hand.. =.="

>>Day 3

39. We had Dim Sum for breakfast before church service.. Well, to be honest the Dim Sum didnt turned out like what i expected.. still prefer Ipoh Dim Sum where Dim Sum will filled up all the space on your table..

40. Calvary Living Assembly.. The church that Davin attends..

41. Ta-da! We are now at Safari..

42. Annie and tigers which are sleeping on the truck..

43. Davin loves animal.. Yoke Luan too.. erm.. Annie and I too! but we're also scared of them..

44. Me.. waiting for the cow boy show to start.. And the show is nice.. =)

44. Yoke Luan, Annie, Red Indian guy and I..

45. Annie and I with the cow boys..

46. Annie and I plus a Red Indian guy in Jail... and what's he trying to do??

47. That's Annie and I on an elephant ride.. hmmm.. looks like couple jer.. Xp..

48. Davin and tiger.. He just loves animals...

49. Me and Davin with snakes on his shoulder... yucks...

50. That's the end of our visit to A Famosa Safari..

51. At night, we went music cafe.. just have a drink there and lepak.. and ordered two bottles of beer.. 1 bottle for Davin, half bottle for Annie and Yoke Luan, 3 sips for me.. Xp..

Davin decided to bring us to Kampung Portugese.. There's a bridge from the shore and all the to the sea i suppose.. And it took us, Annie and I lar yea... Xp.. 1hour to walk to the middle of the bridge. It's like super dark, no lights.. and the bridge is like super narrow, super creepy... but we managed to make it still!

52. Lepak-ing at the shore before we walk on the bridge..

53. We managed to walk till the middle of the bridge.. what a success! It's kinda scary at first but i enjoyed sitting there and enjoyed the sound of water splashing on the shore, enjoyed the nice wind... What a nice place to lepak.. And what a nice place to end our trip in Malacca..

>>Special thanks to...

54. Yoke Luan.. Who allow us to stay at her place.. to accompany us here and there in Malacca..

55. Davin.. Who play the role of driver and gentleman during this whole trip..

In short.. we reached our objectives!! Food and Fun! or Fun and Food! F square rocks.. hahaha..


P/s: if you're too free.. choose one nicest or interesting or weirdest or whatever photo.. and let me know lar.. hahaha.. (yes, i am too free.. hmmm.. assignments..)