Monday, August 11, 2008


1. This is my residential college, Kolej Pendeta Za'ba. It's located at the most right side of UKM. I'm staying in Block B2, which is number3 in the map above.

2. This is the rooms. Which floor am i staying? Ground floor, which is more to like basement lar.. In each floor there's about 20+ rooms. You can see my room in this picture! erm.. it's the 3rd room at the right side..

3. Ta-da! This is my new room.. or 'home'.. this is the door side of my room.. the door, the wardrobe. Oh, you can see clothes in the middle, we (Annie and I) hang a string from the door to window, just to hang clothes in case it rain out there.. =)

4. And this is the window side of my room.. small huh? Oh, the book shelf, Annie bought it from Tesco, it's for us to put our books. As you can see the one at the left got more stuff in it, that belongs to Annie, hehehe.. she's a hardworking girl, so am i.. hahaha...

5. That's a 'nice' view from our window, green green grass.. =.=' Well, at least it's good for our sight..
6. Toilets.. the left side is for you to do big and small business. The right side is for you to bathe. So everytime if wanna do business, have 2 bring out own toilet tissues. And everytime if wanna bathe, have to birng own pail, and plasctic bag to put your clothes in, there's no place for us to hang.
7. there's where most of the people do their laundry.. Yes, no washing machine, I am the washing machine.. =.="

8. This is where we brush teeth! and they have mirrors too.. Xp..

9. This is where we hang our clothes, it's a good place to hang clothes, cause this is where the sunlight is everytime.

10. Instead of passing by Block B1, this is the shortcut we have 2 Block B2's basement.

11. The foyer aka the makan place..

12. The foyer aka the place to get internet access.

13. The foyer aka the place to watch Tv. We get to watch Olympics 2008 here!!

14. =.=" Lecture hall. And this is one of the most bored class.. TITAS...

That's all.. Bits of the places in where is should call 'home'.. =)


alicia said...

high 5! i'm the washing machine also! xP

wen said...

To alicia--
Wow! together-gether gain muscles ya! Xp... hehehehe...