Monday, August 11, 2008

Some of the happenings in the past week

Belows are the happenings that had happened.. Xp..

4th Aug 08--So called no water supply days
We heard people telling us there will be no water supply on that day, on the next day and the next next day and the next next next day... (By the way there's no duplication in English, as in.. o kata ganda lar.. Whatever!!) Ya, so Annie and I filled our pails with water.. And to keep the water clean, we have to use fails and books to cover the top part, others even worst, they use newspaper.. =.=" Why so called no water supply days? Cause everytime we go to the toilet, the water just flows out from the pipe.. Wasted our energy to carry to water in pail in our room all the way from toilet..

Pails of water..

4th-7th Aug 08-Chinese food for dinner!
Yay! Enough for the nasi goreng pataya, kampung, cina, bla bla bla.... We have chinese food!! YES!! yummy... this is what i call Foooooooood... Xp.. We actually have agent to help us call for delivery, and it only cost us RM3..

chinese food..

5th Aug 08-Sate Kajang
Papa drive all the way from home just to pass me some stuff that i forgot to bring back to uni... Opss... Xp.. Anyway, because of that, we get to eat Sate Kajang..

Sate Kajang!

Evon, Emily and Yoke Luan..

Annie and herself..

Yoke Luan, Emily, Annie and I..

Besides food, we bought these!! nice huh? Xp..

6th Aug 08-Kebab in UKM
We have nice Kebab in Pusanika, UKM.. And it only cost us RM3, and most importantly it's feeling.. =) can last you til dinner..

Annie and her kebab..

Evon and her kebab..

6th Aug 08-A walk by the lake
Annie, Yoke Luan and I went to explore the lake of UKM.. Nice and peaceful lake.. =)

Annie taking picture of herself..

Annie and I..

Annie: 'haha... crazy girls...'

Annie, Yoke Luan and I..

7th Aug 08-Fac Night 08
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities is my faculty. On this day, all chinese (not all, some just MIA=Missing In Action) in this faculty get together and have a special night. We have food, performances and most importantly fellowship among fac mates.. =)

The food.. Chiet Ying and I make sure we eat worth the price we paid, RM40.. Xp..

The girl beside me is Chiet Ying, my cute course mate.. =)

Evon, Davin and Chiet Ying, English Language Study students..

We are all from Schools of Language and Linguistic..

That's the happening that happened last week! =)


Jeremy said...

Wah.. sounds like u having lots of fun wei... not that bad after all rite going to UKM? hehe..

U haven't blogged about PERKEB yet..

That So RaVErN said...

well.. i would say it's truly God's plan.. =)

Ya, PERKEB.. wont be going for now ler, got some college activity.. =(

Jia Wei said...

oh... can't believe i saw Annie's face in ur blog... She was my schoolmate/choir teammate... Coincidence?

wen said...

oh ya jie wei... that day i was talking to her bout you! cos you also ACS... Xp... then we like... 'what a small world.. Xp..'

-KeO- said...

I Remember that white skirts!! lol

wen said...

to keo--
aiyor... you still remember!!! *blushed* Xp..

ruth tan said...

wow kebab back home is so cheap !!