Sunday, July 06, 2008

Uni Orientation

I'm back from uni orientation.. and going back to uni tonight.. Yea yea.. why come back right? cause i still stuff to bring over uni lor..

Bits about the 1st week in Uni..

My roommate, Annie from Ipoh.. Thank God for giving me a Chinese-Christian roommate..

Annie, Emily and Yoke Luan (another pair of roommate), Evon..

the same gang..

the same gang plus another pair of roommate, Catherine and Jenny..

Dewan Cansellor Tun Abdul Razak, where i'll be receiving my ijazah there in 3 years time..

Malaysian one and only Astronaut, Dr. Sheikh Mustapha giving a talk..

Some other highlights are debates, sport, and malam kebudayaan.. oh plus the tradition 'Perang DECTAR'.. Yea if you wanna know more then just ask me lar.. lazy wanna type..

Basically, during the Orientation..
-I dont get enough sleep, maximum slept 3 hours, minimum slept 1 and a half hour..
-I ate 5 meals a day, and all Malay food.. goodness, i do miss Chinese food man!

I do enjoy the orientation.. Enjoying meeting up with people all around Malaysia..

Hopefully will enjoy my course soon! =)



UGan said...

Ai yoh, 14 days already still haven't written a new post. Goes to show that university life makes you a dull person? :-)

wen said...

miss me lerh? hehe.. Xp.. It just shows that i'm too hardwokring in my uni life.. Xp.. will post up son when i take more pics.. Xp..

alicia said...

Evon you look SOOO CUTE in the third picture!!!

wen said...

haha.. 'SOOO CUTE'? ops.. Xp.. it's the hair la i think..

UGan said...

Now 22 days already.... once there was a poem...

I have no time
Because I am in UKM
People thot I went Khidmat Camp
But go dating I can