Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After 22 days

Hi.. i'm back to blogging life, i hope.. Xp..

Someone who posted this in my pervious post comment..

"I have no time
Because I am in UKM
People thot I went Khidmat Camp
But go dating I can"

Goodness.. =.=" so wanna whack you ar, UGan... Xp.. connection here super slow and it's not stable tau! tsk tsk...

Okay.. first thing to blog about, the people i usually hang out with.. =)

1. Annie Choong, my dear roommate, who's studying economics.. (She might kill me if she saw this picture here in public.. opss.. hehehe..) She's from Ipoh, but her sisters are over here in KL. So, she's an active member of PBSM, Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu.. so do i.. Xp.. i really thank God for her, that He grant me a christian roommate.. And most importantly, she had already influence me to do daily devotion every morning.. (Ya, i hardly do it at home.. ops..) She too always reminds me of casting all the problems i face to God in prayers.. Thanks Annie!!


2. Emily, my oppostie upstairs roommate.. Well, block-mate? Whatever.. She's from Klang, the land of Ba Kut Teh.. Xp.. She's in Accounting.. Same faculty as Annie, Faculty of Economics and Business.. She's a very funny and fierce girl.. we usually laugh out loud till our stomach muscle aches.. Xp.. hehe.. lost of controls..


3. Yoke Luan, the Malacca girl who's forever sms-ing.. She's the most gentle girl among us.. She will only smile when the three of us laugh out loudly without taking care our image.. Xp.. She's in the same School and Fac as me.. School of Language and Linguistic, which is under Faculty Social Sciences and Humanities.. Studying Linguistic..

Yoke Luan

To prove that we four really hang out a lot.. Below are tonnes of photo of us!! well kidding.. we're not that free to take tonnes of picture yet.. maybe two will do eh? Xp..

Annie and Yoke Luan

Emily and Evon

Okay.. Put friends apart first.. Let me share someting really donk about me..

two sets of keys

You must be wondering.. 'A picture of two sets of keys? what's so special bout this?!'

The one with the red tag is my set of key.. the one with yellow tag.. i got it from my college's office.. And now.. 'Why i need to get another set of key from the office when i already had one?'

Simply because i locked myself out of my room.. =.=" Pretty donk huh? i was out happily brushing my teeth and suddenly realised my key is in the room.. =.="

that's my room..

I was locked out for one hour, starting from 25th july 12am-1am.. Thank God the roommate opposite my room havent sleep yet, i get to use thier handphone to call our penjaga college.. i called those who are on duty.. but too bad.. it all goes into voice mail.. there's four of them.. thank God once again that the last one picked the phone and willing to go to the office and get the extra key for me..

The lesson is.. bring the keyes wherever you go.. Well, i'm just not used to having key.. Back home, my parents are forever at home, there's no need of me holding key.. Oh well, have to be extra careful next time..

Classes? hmm.. so far so good.. not until i gonna bang my head on wall yet.. Xp.. will update more when i feel like updating it.. Xp.. Perhaps the next update will be my coursemate? or maybe PERKEB, which is the UKM christian fellowship.. haha..

Enjoy CG camp you people who looking forward to it.. =)

Tata.. =)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Uni Orientation

I'm back from uni orientation.. and going back to uni tonight.. Yea yea.. why come back right? cause i still stuff to bring over uni lor..

Bits about the 1st week in Uni..

My roommate, Annie from Ipoh.. Thank God for giving me a Chinese-Christian roommate..

Annie, Emily and Yoke Luan (another pair of roommate), Evon..

the same gang..

the same gang plus another pair of roommate, Catherine and Jenny..

Dewan Cansellor Tun Abdul Razak, where i'll be receiving my ijazah there in 3 years time..

Malaysian one and only Astronaut, Dr. Sheikh Mustapha giving a talk..

Some other highlights are debates, sport, and malam kebudayaan.. oh plus the tradition 'Perang DECTAR'.. Yea if you wanna know more then just ask me lar.. lazy wanna type..

Basically, during the Orientation..
-I dont get enough sleep, maximum slept 3 hours, minimum slept 1 and a half hour..
-I ate 5 meals a day, and all Malay food.. goodness, i do miss Chinese food man!

I do enjoy the orientation.. Enjoying meeting up with people all around Malaysia..

Hopefully will enjoy my course soon! =)