Saturday, June 21, 2008


I got an offer from UKM to study English language studies.. Well, i know little bout this uni and this course.. The uni is at Bangi.. The course includes linguistic and literature, and can also minor in TESL and Communication..

Honestly, i dont know what will this coming future be.. But i know that it is all God's plan.. Well, if He put me in this plan, i'm sure He'll guide me thru it..

Thanks.. it's indeed a good plan from You to me..

I do trust in You.. =)


siaw_lin said...

yes the Lord has plans to prosper you! enjoy your coming orientation and course. uni is very different compared to our school days. university=experience which matters the most. hope you make good friends there as well :D take care and have a wonderful week ahead. GBU

wen said...

thanks dear siawlin.. =)

- llydia - said...

ahhhh! so cool. studying what I studied! i think. sounds like it lor... :)

i can tell you i LOVE my course. present tense! still loving it. although the theories are a little bit difficult to get, it's not impossible to understand. Hope you'll enjoy ur uni life Evon. :)

Jeremy said...

Hey hey... don't worry, you're in really good hands, God's hands..

I truly hope you'll treasure this next phrase of your life, as you won't be able to rewind and go through it again.. (unless you wanna fail everything and stay in Uni your whole life)

Ditto to Siaw Lin.. hope you'll make good friends there.. I'm pretty sure you'll get at least 2 friends there d.. hehe.. if they bully you, it's really not my fault.. =P

wen said...

to lydia--
yea.. sounds like d same course huh..Ya man, i saw your blogs bout all the stuff you study... it's like.. 'O.O'. But still, will enjoy it then.. =) thanks!

to jeremy--
touch wood u donk donk! i dont want to fail of course!! i dont think i am that 'bulli-able' lor... hahaha..

FC Wong said...

hey!congratulations u got UKM!hope university years will be splendid and exciting for u!try to concentrate more on bulding friendships,experiencing new things,and go out frm ur comfort zone!it'll be the best years of your life!
btw, i read the news about ah chek's cancer recurrence again.i'm terrible sad because ah chek was very very nice to me when i was small.i will visit him once i return to malaysia!!!send my best regards to him and say that i will visit him when i return!!!!!thankss!!!!!