Sunday, June 08, 2008

Balik kampung..

Was at kampung (Teluk Intan) since 1st June, just came back today.. =)

Balik for my cousin sis wedding, the 1st cousin sis(my mum's side) who got married...

the happy two.. =)

my cousin sisters, who played barbie doll, polly pocket... with me when we were young..

my another cousin sister..

the world most (something) brother i ever met in my whole life..

My 5th uncle 46th's birthday (from left--eldest son, uncle, aunt, youngest son..)

About 10+ years ago, we got a bad news.. that this uncle of mine got cancer.. i think it's somewhere at the nose there.. that time.. his two sons were only in primary school.. Luckily, he's okay after operation and everything.. Then few years later it seems like the virus still there, and spread to his eyes.. and this cause him lost one of his eye.. and later.. the brain also kena.. and luckily again.. he's okay..

Time flies.. and now one of the son is already 18, and another is 14..

Lately, he went for a small operation(erm.. i don't know why also..), the eldest son was with him, immediately after the operation, the ambulance sent them to Ipoh GH, because the equipment in Teluk Intan hospital is not so canggih..

After two days at the hospital, we received bad news from the eldest son thru sms... 'Doctor came, and said dad got cancer, lung also got..' My heart was broken when i heard this from my mum.. All the relatives know about that.. We chose to hide this news from grandma.. i don't think she know about the cancer thing.. (thank God grandma wont read blogs!!)

My heart was once broken again, when i heard my mum telling me that my cousin brother.. the one who's with my uncle at hospital, burst out in tears.. it happened when he called his mum(my aunt..) and tell her about it.. and happened again when my another aunt went up and visit my uncle.. he came down and bring the aunt go up, but once he saw the aunt, he cried.. this tough big boy, he cried...

Now my uncle is back at home.. resting.. i'm not sure of what's next.. but i know he's happy to be home.. happy to be with his family..

i remember..

Two days before his small operation.. he asked me to read for him Psalm23.. in Chinese yea by the way.. I read.. He told me it was suggested by the church member that this Psalm will comfort him.. i agreed..

One day before his small operation.. he asked me to pray for him.. for his small operation on the next day.. i asked.. 'in Chinese??' He replied... 'Ya lar.. Or you want Hokkien?'.. Of course i prayed in Chinese.. i prayed.. quite erm... cacat a bit... Even tho i attended Chinese church, i hardly practice praying.. (ops.. Xp..) But it turned out okay.. and he thanked me after that..

Just before he's about to go out for his operation.. My mum asked me to pray for him once again.. Mum, bros and the eldest son join in prayer..

One day before i came back to KL.. he said.. 'when i'm okay.. i wanna go your house.. then go Zoo again.. everytime i sit on this chair and do nothing.. i'l think back of how the zoo look like and where to go to see what animal.. Maybe i can sit on the wheel chair, cause might not have energy to walk so much.. then you all push me..'.. i said 'sure! =)'

Oh by the way.. My uncle is not a Christian yet.. (yes.. yet..) They attend the methodist church there.. not very often i think.. But they're exposed to it at least.. the church members are very kind indeed that they bought him a Chinese bible, with super big print.. they also visit him once in a while.. and also very kind of them to go Ipoh GH to visit him too.. Thank God for them..

I think.. after 10+ years.. we are all kind of okay with this cancer thing that is bothering my uncle.. My aunt.. is indeed a very tough woman.. the sons.. are now big enough to be able to care for their parents..

What i can do now.. is to continue keeping him and the family in prayers.. that God will indeed touch them.. and they will be touched.. and become His children..

One scene that really touched me through out the boring days i spent in kampung is this...

My uncle was drinking milo.. the eldest son who's standing beside him saw sum milo dripped of his mouth at the side.. without any doubts, the son took a tissue and help the dad wipe it off..


That is Love...

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