Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On holiday..


Started it with a very good and nice trip! hopefully it'll be good for the rest of the holidays too!

And now.. happy birthday to Priscilla!!!! Pris ar... this picture is like ages ago... we'll take new one when you're back! soon! Xp..

Happy 21st pris!

Will blog soon about the trip!



-priscilla- said...

wah u really blogged for my bday leh!!!!
the pic is really super old. hahahahaha
thanks so much evon i love u!!!
take care too, and see you SOON!!!

-KeO- said...

wow, i thought ur hair grow so fast!!! haha, rupa rupanya old photo....

wen said...

to pris--
yea man.. of course lar! see ya real soon!!

to keo--
well.. i also wish man! Xp..

-KeO- said...

short is nice ma.. keep it short la.. lolx...