Friday, May 09, 2008


Hp alarm rang, snooze it.

Hp alarm rang, woke.. Try very hard to wake a piggy up thru calls.

No choice, call the house and manage to wake that piggy up.

Waiting for the piggy to come pick me up.

Here he comes, not so much of a piggy but a driver now.. Stuck in jam.. stuck in total silence in car.. which is bad.. real bad..

A touch broke the silence..

Reach the Faculty of Education, Universiti Malaya. Trying very hard to look for the place where the interviewed suppose to be.

Found the place.. The dear driver once again change his job to a soon-to-be percussionist.. Off to his practice.. Leaving the poor helpless anxious interview-ee all alone..

Some fella come talk talk a bit to all candidates.. 5 names been called, another 5 too.. Total 10 candidates, gone for interview..

Still waiting at the waiting room..

What?! people come with much preparation, by putting all the important people names, important education issues.. Oh gosh.. will the preparation on PIPP and the education philosophy enough??

Another 5 names been called, and.. Times up!

Still waiting.. But this time waiting right outside of the interview room..

People came out from the room and said.. 'I sudah nak pengsan...'

Moments later... 'Eh? My name?'

Walked.. Knocked.. Pushed the door.. Smile.. =) Sat down..

Mr. Interviewer: ''Boleh tak anda kenalkan diri anda secara ringkas?''

(who else!): ''Should i asnwer in Bahasa or English?''

Mr. Interviewer: ''Saya tanya dalam Bahasa awak jawab dalam Bahasa lah..''

(who else!) thought.. ''Darn!!!!''

(who else!) start answering the question in super-duper-watever-er bad Bahasa.. Real bad i mean.. Real bad......

Mrs. Interviewer: ''As we know you're applying for the course TESL, can you tell us about what you think of the standard of English in our school nowadays?''

(who else!): ''Do you mean in primary school or secondary school?''

Mrs. Interviewer: ''Anything.. just school.. =)''

(who else!) so relief to speak in english!! and she go bla bla bla...

Mrs. Interviewer: ''Okay.. What do you think that can make you become a good english teahcer?''

(who else!) is so ''YES!''.. Cause she somehow prepared for this type of question... so she go bla bla bla again..

Mr. Interviewer: ''bla bla bla.....'' ((who else!) cant really hear what Mr. Interviewer asked..) ''can you explain what is modal insan?''

(who else!) thought.. ''Argh! i read this!! But.. '' and she goes bla bla bla...

Mr. Interviewer: ''Okay.. Thank you..''

Mr. Interviewer 2: ''Mari..'' pointing at a colour blind test.. ''Baca..''

(who else!) go bla bla bla...

Mr. & Mrs. Interviewer: ''Okay.. Thank you..''

(who else!) smiled: ''Thank you very much!''

This interview wont turn out to be good without...
--Nien Nien
The girl i misses so so much!
The girl that taught me much about God's grace through her sharing to me about her uni life..
--Uncle Gan
The good youth advisor! That i desperately asked him to keep me in prayers!
The piggy pig.. The ganas driver.. The soon-to-be percussionist.. The special one..
The source of strength, the source of comfort and peace.. =)

*still continue praying*


Mattster said...

wat percussionist wannabe?!?!?! =.=' make me sound like so desperate oni.. =.=''

pls change wei..... really.. =.=''

wen said...

okay boss! change already.. to.. 'soon-to-be percussionist'.. can?

Jeremy said...


The both of you ar...
Anyway, the interview didn't turn out to be too bad rite?
Don't worry.. we'll be praying alongside you... when will u know their decision?

wen said...

Hehe.. dun jealous k jeremy!

Yup, it turn out not too bad.. =)
Oh, by june the 3rd week should know already.. thanks for the prayers!

- llydia - said...

hello! am a little behind reading ur posts! sorry! i hope it'll go great and u'll get ur place. Stay enthusiastic! :)

wen said...

it's okay...

thanks lydia!! =)

you take care too!!