Thursday, May 29, 2008

ICT trip

Date: 25th-27th May 2008
Place: Ipoh-Cameron-Tapah
People: Deb, Evon, Matt, Mon, Simon

1. Off we go to Ipoh, Cameron and Tapah!!!

2. Deb enjoyed her black soya..

3. This is where our chicken and tauge and hor fun before the rain..

4. The rain interrupted us in the middle of our dinner, so we have 2 carry our drinks and food and luckily we managed to find a place to sit!

5. Gerbang Malam, which we earlier thought it as Gerdung Malam, well it's a pasar malam.. Disappoint Simon because there's no food selling there!

6. We go 'weeeee~' up and 'weeeee~' down cause we took the wrong path in ipoh parade's car park..

7. Oh, talking about Ipoh Parade, Mon is happy to get her way belated present from Matt!

8. Mon asking for directions from Ennie for our Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu..

9. Deb's 1st time Chor Dai Tee, and after few rounds.. she won! Woooow..

10. Deb decided to flash us with her camera because she cant sleep even tho she's tired.. =.="

11. The guys sleeping very soundly even tho it's already time to wake up, so we took their picture!

12. Deb and Simon.. before attacking the Dim Sum..

13. Deb and Simon.. after attacking the Dim Sum

14. Matt (the monster! Xp..) is happy with the Dim Sum..

15. Mon is enjoying her yummy Tao Fu Far, not Tao Fu Near... (from Simon's lameness..)

16. Jia Wei.. very nice of him to teman us go Yong Tau Fu, even tho we are super full after the Dim Sum.. Thanks a lot to his mummy who's so willingly lead us to Yong Tau Fu and to Simpang Pulai to find our way to Cameron..

17. Simon, trying to smile like Deb's flower..

18. Matt and Simon, trying to act like flowers among the tea leaves..

19. Here come the flowers!! hahaha...

20. Scones and pancake and cakes! yummy......

21. Oh look! We played scrabble and ended up with our names there! haha.. right....

22. The girls on the monkey bars..

23. The boys on the monkey bars..

24. And now all together! hahaha...

25. Simon and Deb on the see-saw.. Look how happy they are!

26. Evon was molested and licked by a friend of this dog, 4 times it's size.. and she goes.. 'Arghhhhhhhhhh...'

27. Mon and Matt, showing our not so nice yet expensive steamboat..

28. The guys again... who are suppose to be awake but not... naughty Simon snatched the blanket whole night and left poor Matt in the cold...

29. Evon and Deb.. taught this cute little girl Chinese.. she's one smart girl!

30. Simon trying to be a kid by riding on the police motorcycle! And he actually fits in!!

31. Deb and Veg!

32. We found one 'waterfall' for Deb!!!

33. Deb so syok of plucking strawberries that she plucked out the whole plant!

34. Evon fell into the mud! And the slipper was left deep in the mud, and Evon have to dig it out using the foot.. =.= so yuck...

35. Deb plucked a leaf and trying to put it on Simon's head as a hat.. hehe..

36. Simon planting umbrella and cili padi, Deb planting leaves, Matt planting tomato cherry..

37. Washing our feet at Hotel Equatorial's toilet.. purposely stop there just to wash our legs.. at the sink! hahaha...

38. We met up with Jerusha.. She's so cool and yeng on motorbike!!!

39. Ta-da! We manage to get to the real waterfall, which also happen to be the tallest waterfall in South East Asia. Deb is extra happy at here! Xp..

40. Look!! it's the G.K.S Mini Market! hehe..

41. Group picture at Dim Sum!

42. Group picture at Tea Farm!

43. Group picture at Cactus Farm!

44. Group picture at Waterfall!
45. Group picture at Jerusha's place!

We are all very happy with the trip! When's next? hahahaha...


Mattster said...

sabah? xD jom!! =p

-KeO- said...

whoa... seems like your holiday also not bad ma, ICT trip...lolx
next sem i wanna go cameron also! lolx..

- llydia - said...

aiyerr. wat is this. making me miss malaysia. i also want to go weih! :(

Uncle Gan said...

Hey....please leave me out of your fun... my name get mentioned also pulak!! :-)

Uncle Gan said...

Hey....please leave me out of your fun... my name get mentioned also pulak!! :-)

wen said...

to matt--
haha.. dont think can make it for that..

to keo--
not bad lerh? your redang pun okay wat... i so wanna go there pun..

to lydia--
hehe.. you're coming back after your graduation and holiday right?

to uncle gan--
yup.. dah selesai with that.. =)