Friday, May 02, 2008


It was a bored holiday on Labour Day till two cute little kids light my day up! Cousin brother's babies.. hmmm.. means i aunt lar.. so they're my nieces? hmm.. should be lar.. Xp..

Baby number 1: Rui Yin
She knows how to stand, but haven't learn how to walk yet.. She not one years old yet i think.. But she very cute.. Look at her eyes.. how big and round.. like the mother.. =) According to her parents, she's scared of stranger but she okay with my dad! The mother said, 'Wah.. you are one lucky one!'.

Baby number 2: Rui Qing
She's about 2 years old, but to me she look much mature than her age.. looks like the mummy juga.. as pretty as the mum.. This is the opposite of the baby sister, apa apa orang pun boleh, okay with strangers, but can be quite dangerous also lar like this.. The way she eat coco-crunch so cute.. She'll take the packet of coco-crunch wherever she go. But the bad thing is.. she doesn't like sharing with the baby sister.. i guess that's what usually sibiling did right? But at last we managed to asked her share with the baby sister pun.. hehe..

Yup.. Babies are cute.. only when they're good i guess? Xp.. hehe...


Mattster said...

lol.. cute.. hehe.. :)

wen said...

to matt--
cute lerh.. Xp..