Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zhang Lao Shi still..

I was kicked out by the primary school and now in tadika, yea.. Zhang Lao Shi still..

It's quite different between primary school and tadika.. In Tadika is more relaxing in the sense that you wont need to shout and scream and yell or whatever to the students.. That's one of the best part i like about it! Xp.. But it's tough in another way too, cause you have a bigger responsibility.. Hmm.. what do i mean by bigger responsibility? Well, i dont really know how to explain also.. Xp..

I thank God that i'm in tadika now.. Cause i always wanted to try both.. try teaching both in primary school and tadika.. try teaching both in government sector and private sector.. So that i'll gain more experience.. And i really feel like i'm back to learning.. It's a working and learning environment.. Everyday i'll get to realised some small or big knowledge in teaching.. Which is part of why i like teaching i suppose.. Xp..

But i realised.. Even tho i'm Zhang Lao Shi still.. hmmm... the kids prefer to call me... 'Chinese teacher'.. haha... Next week onward must ask them say 'Zhang Lao Shi zao an' (zao an means good morning) and 'Zai jian Zhang Lao Shi' (zai jian means bye bye).. No more calling me chinese teacher.. Xp..

So, the first movie that i watch after i came back from Taiwan... '27 dresses'.. Went with Mon, Ruth and Matt.. The movie itself is quite funny.. But there are kids who seat at the back of us keep on laughing also, we all wondered if they really understand what they're laughing at.. hehe.. Well after movie, we met up with Hui Ling then dinner together.. We ate snails.. It was the first time for me.. i dare to eat that cause.. even baby bees i dah tried, so why not snails? But the next day kids in tadika showed me a snail at the grass there, and i felt.. 'Bluek, i actually ate that last night!'

the snails..

Mon, with her favourite pose..

Thats all.. =)


-priscilla- said...

snails nice to eat?
i also wanna try =)

wen said...

tp pris--
guar? one day we go together lar.. Xp..