Monday, April 21, 2008


19th April 2008-Morning

Slip Ujian MEdSI

Early in the morning, wake up.. Early... on a saturday... *sobs* Went all the way to Rawang just to sit for a test. A test called MEdSI which stands for Malaysia Educators Selection Inventory. A test where all who applied for education courses in local universities have to take. A test which got 300 objective questions for you to do in an hour time. It's quite donk lor some of the question.. the 'donk-est' is...

'Saya pernah mencintai seseorang' Ya/Tidak

Oh gosh... =.="

Thanks a lot to Matt!! wake up early in the morning and drive me there and waited me there! =)

19th Arpil 2008-Noon

Me and Seow Peng

After MEdSI, I went for a primary school gathering at Pavilion. Sadly, it's a tak jadi gathering.. there's only 8 of us.. But, i enjoyed meeting up with all, especially with Seow Peng! one of my closest friend during form4 and 5. So matt lerh? haha.. He went along to.. But meet up with his gay friend Keo. Thanks again to teman me go pavilion, matt!

19th April 2008-Evening

Fun Quiz by Uncle Gan

Went YA! straight from Pavilion. It's Fun Quiz.. YA! had this fun quiz led by Uncle Gan previously, if i'm not mistaken, twice.. This time it's a different Fun Quiz. As you can see from the picture above, it's sort of like a 'who wants to be a millionaire' game.. They even have stuff like talian hayat-audience, phone call, take away two answer, walk away or continue, is this your final answer.. Find it very fun! Fun Quiz mar... Xp...

20th April 2008-Morning
Sunday! Went to church and finds out someone brought a girl along! Sorry to the subject, hopfully subject didnt read this.. Xp.. For more information.. kindly contact me secretly.. shh...

20th April 2008-Noon
Came back home from church and lunch and JJ. played Shahiba with my bros.. Guess what.. the youngest one won.. with 272 points.. obviously me n mama helped him.. Xp..

Kai Wen posing with Shahiba

20th April 2008-Night
We had a surprise for mon mon! Yea man.. it turned out to be a surprise! hehe...

Bunch of us who surprised mon! Surprise!!

Grace, Ruth, Mon, Gee and Evon on 10th Nov 2007
Grace, Ruth, Mon, Gee and Evon on 20th April 2008

Wow.. We all take picture together after 5months and still stand at the same spot man! hehe..

Happy birthday mon mon!!! =)


ruth lee wan said...

ya! really hor! we stand exactly the same place! unconsiously! amazing!
sen pic to me ! the one of jaosn and i to

mon said...

wah ngam wan...i'm sure we didn't plan to stand like that...hehehe...lets see when we will do the same again

wen said...

to mon--
that's why.. like really ngam.. i was like... 'hmmm.. look so familiar..' then go check really same same man.. Xp..

to ruth--
yes.. unconsiously.. hehe... sure will send to you.. =)

-priscilla- said...

happy birthday monica!!
opps too late again.. sorry sorry, hahaha evon evon, next time blog the day before other ppl's bday la~ hahahahhahaa

and who's that guy who brought gf to church? share leh~
*shows kepo face*

wen said...

to pris--
Adui! as if my fault jer.. =.="

Oh.. hehe... that guy is... hmm... you mail me and ask agian lar.. if i post here.. i think the SUBJECT gona kill me man.. Xp... hehehe..

|~redniwri~| said...

Lol i literally burst out laughing wey when i saw the picture!!!!first i thought you siao siao ady put old pic then onie realized why=P i thought u wanna compare whther anyone got become more fei fei anot=p hahahahhaa noticed shirt colors also got same colors (except me=P..hahahha see i got change baju=P)nice one!funnyyla ur blog!

|~redniwri~| said...

by the way its me geegee=P

wen said...

to gee--
Oh.. funny lerh.. and a.. goodness please lar update your blog.. =.="

mon said...

thanks cacat..thanking u in evon's i want the pics u took...hehehehe..

Mattster said...

ya ampun! so ngam wan.. lolx..!!
lol.. when i saw the old pic.. i tot at 1st.. "hmm... wrong event la.. lol.." den see the 2nd one.. "oooo"... haha =p

i also wan pics! =p

|~redniwri~| said...

Lol... i will i will=P no inspirasi life so boring somemore......kekeke!!!!

Jeremy said...

gee gee's life boring?
come on... with all the exams and gonna-lead-Bible-study events happening to u...
mana ada boring..

haha.. the pic quite cun eh.. didn't realise that u were all standing in the same position.. maybe you'll all take the same pic again at the next wedding.. whose wedding coming up? oh yea.. kit hon's... or at peter & elaine's...