Monday, April 07, 2008

To you..

Dear Matt,

Happy birthday to you..

Thanks for being a very special person in my life..

Really really thank God for you..

As you turned 21 this very moment..

I pray this simple prayer..

That you will grow as a man of God..

Have faith in Him in all things..

Keep close to Him in all times..

and lastly..

be the special person always..

Lots and lots of love from deep down,


- llydia - said...

Awwwww. Zhang lao shi, you are making me feel dreammmmy. Hehe. :) Blog about the party lah. i want to know! please? :)

wen said...

dreammy? hahaha...
k lar.. i'l blog once i got the pictures from others, didnt really took much picture that nite.. Xp.. stay tuned and find out more! hahaha... =)

Mattster said...


thank you! :)

Mattster said...

yes.. more pics pls!! =p