Monday, April 07, 2008

Matt's 21st

Last Saturday, Matt celebrated his 21st with a bunch of friend.. Thanks to all who came and celebrated with him, thanks to all who left him birthday message through mail, thanks to all who make his 21st special.. =)

Program number 1--makan!!
We have lots and lots of food... yummy food.. i didnt eat a lot tho.. Xp..

Program number 2--skit!!
Hon Yau : Mr John Dykes (host of Football Focus)
Jason : Mr Derik Khoo
Su-Anne : Ms Vonee Tiew
Jeremy : Pastor Tommy Lim
Hon Chien : Matthew Khoo (footballer)
Zhong Yi : Referee
Erm.. for more info on this skit, you may ask Grace Lee for the vid.. It's super duper funny!! Xp..

Program number 3--sharing!!
Meaningful sharing by Uncle Eric, Ruth, ZhongXin, Chris, Mon.. also a sms from Marcus, email from Lukas, Lydia and Simon, a nicely photo edited by Keo (matt's form6 gay friend, Xp..) Me didnt share... shy mar... Xp.. (you guys who read this must be like.. 'Righttttt...')

Program number 4--Cake!!
Instead of cakes, Mon decided that we should get cup cakes, to make this 21 different..
Each person will take a cupcake and place a candle on the cupcake then say something.. =) then sing song then make wish then blow candle then cut.. =) then open present.. =)
See how happy that fella was! Xp.. But.. it cause Mon and i running under a heavy rain.. And that present which he got not cheap man...

Program number 5--Surprise?!
It was actually Jerusha's birthday that day! She really surprise.. we caught her in her pyjamas! Xp.. What a cute girl! hehe..

That's all about Saturday night!

A young boy in the past..
Now a man.. =)


-priscilla- said...

im not too late to wish Matt happy 21st right?
Hahaha happy birthday Matthew!!!!!
I bet you check this blog more often than your own, so i leave a comment here better =)

Mattster said...

haha.. thanks!! :)

Justin Tan said...

hey, matt...

sorry lah that day saw yall at chao kit, forgot to wish u pulak
hAPPY birthday!
21st !!!!!!!!!!!

eh, tuition there got any place where got nice food ah? everytime eat downstairs very uh.....

wen said...

to pris--
yea man.. never too late! Xp..

to justin--
you hvae KFC, MCD, green hut, sum mamak stall wid wantan mee and other mees.. Xp..

Mattster said...

lol.. thanks justin..

oh.. ermm.. ok... from kolej bandar... then turn left(going towards the cross junction).. then turn right.. then on your left there got one hawker restaurant.. the beef ball noodle there not too bad..

opposite the hawker restaurant.. there`s one place.. a lorong wan.. got one place along the lorong.. the noodles is not too bad.. lol..

or else... go behind kolej bandar.. lol.. nice stuff there :) must go explore around a bit that area... got lots of place nice food wan.. ask the regular ppl who go to school that area la... lol.. ppl from MBS, confucian, sometimes VI and St. John students... they know a lot wan.. lolx.. =)

- llydia - said...

ahahaa. why got skit one??