Monday, April 21, 2008


19th April 2008-Morning

Slip Ujian MEdSI

Early in the morning, wake up.. Early... on a saturday... *sobs* Went all the way to Rawang just to sit for a test. A test called MEdSI which stands for Malaysia Educators Selection Inventory. A test where all who applied for education courses in local universities have to take. A test which got 300 objective questions for you to do in an hour time. It's quite donk lor some of the question.. the 'donk-est' is...

'Saya pernah mencintai seseorang' Ya/Tidak

Oh gosh... =.="

Thanks a lot to Matt!! wake up early in the morning and drive me there and waited me there! =)

19th Arpil 2008-Noon

Me and Seow Peng

After MEdSI, I went for a primary school gathering at Pavilion. Sadly, it's a tak jadi gathering.. there's only 8 of us.. But, i enjoyed meeting up with all, especially with Seow Peng! one of my closest friend during form4 and 5. So matt lerh? haha.. He went along to.. But meet up with his gay friend Keo. Thanks again to teman me go pavilion, matt!

19th April 2008-Evening

Fun Quiz by Uncle Gan

Went YA! straight from Pavilion. It's Fun Quiz.. YA! had this fun quiz led by Uncle Gan previously, if i'm not mistaken, twice.. This time it's a different Fun Quiz. As you can see from the picture above, it's sort of like a 'who wants to be a millionaire' game.. They even have stuff like talian hayat-audience, phone call, take away two answer, walk away or continue, is this your final answer.. Find it very fun! Fun Quiz mar... Xp...

20th April 2008-Morning
Sunday! Went to church and finds out someone brought a girl along! Sorry to the subject, hopfully subject didnt read this.. Xp.. For more information.. kindly contact me secretly.. shh...

20th April 2008-Noon
Came back home from church and lunch and JJ. played Shahiba with my bros.. Guess what.. the youngest one won.. with 272 points.. obviously me n mama helped him.. Xp..

Kai Wen posing with Shahiba

20th April 2008-Night
We had a surprise for mon mon! Yea man.. it turned out to be a surprise! hehe...

Bunch of us who surprised mon! Surprise!!

Grace, Ruth, Mon, Gee and Evon on 10th Nov 2007
Grace, Ruth, Mon, Gee and Evon on 20th April 2008

Wow.. We all take picture together after 5months and still stand at the same spot man! hehe..

Happy birthday mon mon!!! =)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Taiwan?! [the last day]

Sorry for this super duper delay punyar post.. Xp.. Yes i wanted so much to post it up on blog but forgotten... Thanks to Ah Xiang who reminded me about this last night.. So, here goes! 10 pictures about my last day in Taiwan..

1. My last lunch in Taiwan
-The uncle, and his sister aka the aunt, and anther uncle had lunch with me in this very expensive French restaurant.. I don't even know what to order, so they ordered a steak... But it's quite cool that having lunch there.. you can be really full cause they don't only serve the steak itself.. but with a lot of appetizer and dessert.. i actually cant finish my food lar.. Xp..

2. Waiting to get into the plane, and that's my plane!
When i sitting there and waiting to get in the plane, it was around 6something in the morning.. i actually thinking of the kids.. 'they must be up by this time and preparing to go school'.. And also wondered if they will miss me..

3. In the plane dah!
-Manage to get a window seat.. *yes!* so that i can take pictures.. hehe.. well, in the plane already.. if i wanna go back pun tak boleh dah.. Oh well.. miss the kids, and so excited to meet back family and friends..

4. Up up we go!

5. Up into the sky!
-'Bye bye KaoHsiung.. i shall see you agian!'

6. Sunrise? Maybe not? Xp..

7. Transit at Taipei
-Yea, so that's a view of Taipei before landing down at the airport. And... it's so donk lor the airport!! Scroll down for more info of the donk airport..

8. Gate B6
- After i come out from the plane i took from KaoHsuing, this gate B6 is where i supposed to go in order to fly back to KL.. The air stewardess showed all the passenger which way to go.. i followed.. and look at the signboard.. 'Gate A, C, D... B lerh?!' i cant see the letter B... No signboard showing where can i find gate B.. I go all the way back to the air stewardess to asked.. 'Gate B kat mane yea?' of course i didn't ask in BM.. Xp.. 'Oh you go there then take the train and you'll see it..' Okay.. i followed what she told me.. Get out from the train... No sign of GateB still... so i walked... and walked... and walked... ARGH!! there you are B6! So i took out my camera and captured this donk B6 down...

9. That's not my plane.. i cant afford one duh!! Xp.. Tata Taiwan!

10. And.. selamat balik!! Xp..

Yup.. that's the day i left Taiwan and the day i came back to home sweet home! Oh bed... Xp..

It's been more than a month that i came back from Taiwan.. And to be honest, i really do miss Taiwan.. Miss the places there.. Miss the food there.. Miss the people there.. Especially the people there who make me feel i'm home.. Miss the kids of course.. I actually made a phone call to them in Taiwan just some minutes ago.. Talked with the uncle and the two kids.. Glad that they are happy with their present that i asked Uncle Eric and Aunt Susie to bring over.. Everytime when i called them.. the girl will shout out of joy.. and talked manja-ly with me.. Just now on the phone she was telling me.. 'Jie Jie, you come to our house now from the phone lar..' =) cute little girl.. I would like to.. wait till i got enough money to go there agian! and it'll be somewhere in next year.. =)

That's all..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zhang Lao Shi still..

I was kicked out by the primary school and now in tadika, yea.. Zhang Lao Shi still..

It's quite different between primary school and tadika.. In Tadika is more relaxing in the sense that you wont need to shout and scream and yell or whatever to the students.. That's one of the best part i like about it! Xp.. But it's tough in another way too, cause you have a bigger responsibility.. Hmm.. what do i mean by bigger responsibility? Well, i dont really know how to explain also.. Xp..

I thank God that i'm in tadika now.. Cause i always wanted to try both.. try teaching both in primary school and tadika.. try teaching both in government sector and private sector.. So that i'll gain more experience.. And i really feel like i'm back to learning.. It's a working and learning environment.. Everyday i'll get to realised some small or big knowledge in teaching.. Which is part of why i like teaching i suppose.. Xp..

But i realised.. Even tho i'm Zhang Lao Shi still.. hmmm... the kids prefer to call me... 'Chinese teacher'.. haha... Next week onward must ask them say 'Zhang Lao Shi zao an' (zao an means good morning) and 'Zai jian Zhang Lao Shi' (zai jian means bye bye).. No more calling me chinese teacher.. Xp..

So, the first movie that i watch after i came back from Taiwan... '27 dresses'.. Went with Mon, Ruth and Matt.. The movie itself is quite funny.. But there are kids who seat at the back of us keep on laughing also, we all wondered if they really understand what they're laughing at.. hehe.. Well after movie, we met up with Hui Ling then dinner together.. We ate snails.. It was the first time for me.. i dare to eat that cause.. even baby bees i dah tried, so why not snails? But the next day kids in tadika showed me a snail at the grass there, and i felt.. 'Bluek, i actually ate that last night!'

the snails..

Mon, with her favourite pose..

Thats all.. =)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Matt's 21st

Last Saturday, Matt celebrated his 21st with a bunch of friend.. Thanks to all who came and celebrated with him, thanks to all who left him birthday message through mail, thanks to all who make his 21st special.. =)

Program number 1--makan!!
We have lots and lots of food... yummy food.. i didnt eat a lot tho.. Xp..

Program number 2--skit!!
Hon Yau : Mr John Dykes (host of Football Focus)
Jason : Mr Derik Khoo
Su-Anne : Ms Vonee Tiew
Jeremy : Pastor Tommy Lim
Hon Chien : Matthew Khoo (footballer)
Zhong Yi : Referee
Erm.. for more info on this skit, you may ask Grace Lee for the vid.. It's super duper funny!! Xp..

Program number 3--sharing!!
Meaningful sharing by Uncle Eric, Ruth, ZhongXin, Chris, Mon.. also a sms from Marcus, email from Lukas, Lydia and Simon, a nicely photo edited by Keo (matt's form6 gay friend, Xp..) Me didnt share... shy mar... Xp.. (you guys who read this must be like.. 'Righttttt...')

Program number 4--Cake!!
Instead of cakes, Mon decided that we should get cup cakes, to make this 21 different..
Each person will take a cupcake and place a candle on the cupcake then say something.. =) then sing song then make wish then blow candle then cut.. =) then open present.. =)
See how happy that fella was! Xp.. But.. it cause Mon and i running under a heavy rain.. And that present which he got not cheap man...

Program number 5--Surprise?!
It was actually Jerusha's birthday that day! She really surprise.. we caught her in her pyjamas! Xp.. What a cute girl! hehe..

That's all about Saturday night!

A young boy in the past..
Now a man.. =)

To you..

Dear Matt,

Happy birthday to you..

Thanks for being a very special person in my life..

Really really thank God for you..

As you turned 21 this very moment..

I pray this simple prayer..

That you will grow as a man of God..

Have faith in Him in all things..

Keep close to Him in all times..

and lastly..

be the special person always..

Lots and lots of love from deep down,